December 7, 2023

21 thoughts on “Lima Declaration: The End of Australian Sovereignty

  1. Under what authority did Australia become obliged to Lima Declaration. To enter an agreement or contract the entities must be legally authorized. The “Government” of the day was not acting on behalf and for the well being of Australians nor authorized. This action came about by a corporation registered in America, not our Government and out of line with the real Australian Constitution.


        1. Thanks for that information as this information is hard to find and time consuming to get it all together.

        2. This shows that the Australia government is able to issue securities in the US market. It does not show that Australia is viewed as a corporation by US companies registers or tax authorities. I will be interested if you publish this comment.

  2. In 1973 Ian Sinclair minister for primary industry closed down the abalone industry and introduced a jail sentence if caught taking abalone anywhere beyond three miles off shore of Australia. The Continental shelf legislation provided for the issue of abalone licenses but thereafter refused to issue any. They smashed a huge industry and have never been held to account for their unlawful actions that then followed Was this move part of any Un movements at the time?

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  4. The only beneficiaries of this have been the multinational corporations… the “developing” countries are still being exploited!

  5. The Lima declaration was the reason why Australians were not allowed to have our own head of state ! Had we were able to bring about our own rule , perhaps we may have been able to
    avert some of the draconian decisions thrust upon this aspiring country

  6. No wonder people are becoming angry. Especially when we have pathetic, short sighted politicians
    making these ridiculous decisions!

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