Australian Roundtable Podcast wraps up first season of broadcasting

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One year ago, as part of a multimedia expansion for TOTT News, we announced the co-founding of a grassroots online radio project called the Australian Roundtable Podcast (ARP), a Brisbane-based independent news/analysis/discussion panel podcast aimed at providing an alternative perspective to the mainstream media each week in Australia.

Launching on October 7th, 2014, the show featured an eclectic panel of presenters who came together each week to discuss recent and topical news and current affairs from Australia and around the world and was aimed at domestic and international listeners who are skeptical of official narratives being pushed by the government and media establishment.

This week, after 50 official episodes and three G20 specials in late-2014, the show wrapped up its first season with a special broadcast on September 20th, 2015, reflecting on the past year of news and affairs.

In the first season of the ARP, many topics were discussed relating to media skepticism, analysis and revisionism, including mandatory vaccination, ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation, geopolitical affairs, freedom and civil liberties, oligarchical control, Zionist influence, and much much more.

The panel also covered the 2014 G20 Summit in Brisbane from November 12th to November 15th, and gained significant notoriety after being the only media outlet in the world to extensively break down the ‘Sydney Siege’ event and question official narratives presented to the public.

The show featured John le Bon, Ethan Nash from TOTT News and Lindsay ‘The Silverfox’ Johnson as panelists for the entire season, and a multitude of guests, including: Raja B; Tim O’Hare; Zac A; Tristan Matthis; Jeff C from Free Radio Revolution; Peekay aka Peekay22; Lissa Weckert from Our Will Be Done; Lucas Cullen from Bitcoin Brisbane, and General Maddox from Real News Australia.

After a successful season, including over 100 hours of content, 1,200 subscribers and over 60,000 downloads, the team have decided to go on hiatus momentarily and will announce the future of the show via the ARP YouTube Channel in due time.

All episodes from Season 1 are embedded on the official website for listening, including references to all sourced material during broadcasts, and are also available in mp3 format to download for free via the official ARP Podbean account. Featured segments can be found on the TOTT News YouTube Channel.

Thank you to in Melbourne for broadcasting the show on delay each Friday from 4pm (AEST), and on behalf on the entire ARP team, we thank the listeners for your support.

Below you can find embedded both parts of the final broadcast for Season 1 of the Australian Roundtable Podcast.



Part I – News and Analysis:

Part II – Year in Review:



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