EPA Report on Coal Seam Gas: You should be ‘fracking’ concerned

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Latest EPA report confirms concerns about Coal Seam Gas drilling. Photo: RNA

Coal seam gas is not proven as safe for human health or for the environment.

Coal seam gas operations may have adverse impacts on human health by contamination of drinking and agricultural-use water, and air, according to Doctors for the Environment.

In a submission to a parliamentary inquiry Doctors for the Environment say that public health consideration has been inadequate leaving the public at risk from the health risk of coal seam gas operations.

Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith from the National Toxics Network agrees and says that there are a number of concerns associated with coal seam gas drilling including chemicals used for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) as well as those naturally occurring in the coal seam and released during the drilling process. Dr Lloyd-Smith says that health risks may also be posed by the process of flaring gas into the atmosphere and from methane exposure caused by fugitive emissions from various parts of the coal seam gas extraction process.

Excerpt via Lock The Gate Alliance


Real News Australia

The EPA (USA) has just released their assessment of “Fracking” and its impact on water resources and it’s not pretty.

By General Maddox.

Massive amounts of controversy still surrounds the unconventional gas mining industry. The procedure for extracting natural gas (methane) from the Earth is called hydraulic fracturing otherwise known as “Fracking”. This entails drilling deep into the Earth, usuallybelow ground water basins, and pumping a huge cocktail of chemicals mixed with sand to break apart sediment formations underground thus releasing the gas for capture above. It sounds rather innocuous when you say it like that but it’s far from it.

The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States (EPA) recently released its near five year long draft assessment entitled “Hydraulic Fracturing Drinking Water Assessment“. The report confirmswhat activists, whistleblowers, documentary film makers, citizens & residents situated near drilling sites already knew, Fracking is bad news and there’s…

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