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The Peoples’ Summit is be a three-day festival of symposiums, idea-sharing, art, creative activities, education and action. It is taking place in various locations in Brisbane November 12-14, before the G20 Leaders Summit.

As the 2014 G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane draws near, TOTT News and our affiliates will be spread out amongst the Peoples’ Summit as it progresses, to bring you all the latest independent, alternative news and media throughout the week.

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Note: This page reads from bottom to top and covers the workshops in the lead up to the arrival of the G20 leaders. For our coverage from the G20 Leaders’ Summit, including the march on Saturday, please visit our G20 Coverage page.





As the time draws near, and the official G20 Leaders’ Summit kicks off tomorrow, the G20 Peoples’ Summit has come to an end after a fantastic week of workshop discussions, forums and community actions across Brisbane. TOTT News was present at discussions relating to protest strategies and workshops on civil liberties and civil society. This wraps up our coverage of the three-day summit.

Official photos can be found here >> G20 Peoples’ Summit Gallery | TOTT News

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The Importance of Alternative Media and Social Justice with Mel Barnes and Callum Clayton-Dixon (@Fish Lane):

Today, the Citizen Media Center was joined by Mel Barnes from the GLW and Callum Clayton-Dixon from the Brisbane Blacks. Both individuals are highly regarded in their fields and shared knowledge of the importance of alternative media in Australia and around the world.

DSC_0625The need to combat the Murdoch empire. Photo: TOTT News

The discussion spoke in-depth about how alternative media can build movements for social justice, and how people can get involved in alternative media projects or start their own.

Police presence increases ahead of G20 Summit, TOTT News searched again (@ Convention Centre)

Once again today, TOTT News – exercising our legal right according to the G20 Safety and Security Bill 2013 – tried to film outside of the Brisbane & Convention Exhibition Center, and was quickly told by police we cannot. Our bags were once again searched and our I.D examined, as police continue to strengthen in anticipation of the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

DSC_0724Police ramped up in anticipation of leaders arrival. Photo: TOTT News

Citizen journalists have revealed to TOTT News that this is a similar story based on their interactions with the police, and there is a common disdain in regards to alternative media not being ‘real journalists’ under the guise of G20 descriptions. Despite this, once again, the Queensland Police Service should be commended on a fantastic job with the G20 Summit so far.

Civil Society Discussion at Wandering Cooks (@Fish Lane):

Wandering Cooks – the hub for all things citizens media during the G20 Summit – was also joined today bySenator, Larissa Waters. Larissa spoke in-depth about the G20 Summit, Abbott’s agenda and how to combat what she calls a ‘system of oppression and injustice’.

DSC_0685Larissa Waters speaks to a full house. Photo: TOTT News

This was the final session of the Peoples’ Summit at Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane, as the G20 Leaders’ Summit is set to kick off tomorrow and all final preparations have been discussed in anticipation of rallies and public speakings tomorrow morning.

Please head to our G20 Coverage page for all of our reports from the march tomorrow.


After a very successful Day 1 in Brisbane yesterday, the G20 Peoples’ Summit continued the momentum with another round of discussions, forums and collective action across the city today. TOTT News was present at discussions relating to free trade agreements, indigenous rights and civil society – and all of our coverage can be found below.

Official photos can be found here >> G20 Peoples’ Summit Gallery | TOTT News

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What’s wrong with “Free Trade Agreements”? (@Colossus Hall):

Colossus Hall at West End continues to fill their venue with renounced speakers from around the country, and have quickly established the location as a must-see focal point during the G20 Peoples’ Summit.

Today, Dr. Patricia Ranald from the Australian Free Trade and Investment Network gave a presentation on Free Trade Agreements, and how they influence many aspects of life on an international level. Dr. Ranald represents a national network of community organisations and many individuals that campaign for fair trade based on human rights, labor rights and environmental sustainability.

DSC_0562Dr. Patricia Ranald speaks on the dangers of the TPP. Photo: TOTT News

She spoke in-depth about the theory of free trade, the agenda that promotes it, different types of free trade on a global level, and a significant analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement and the lasting consequences of the secret negotiations.

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TOTT News harassed for filming, Brisbane begins lock down, protesters banned (@South Brisbane):

To truly summarise just how Brisbane city has been turned into a police state, one must look no further than the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Center, the host venue for the leaders of the 20 largest economies in the world.

Barricades, police units, detectives, security personal, surveillance and more can be seen on almost every corner surrounding the ‘Restricted Zone’, and police have already taken action against ‘unaccredited journalists’ trying to capture the scenes.

Today, TOTT News was filming on a public space opposite of South Brisbane train station, when police demanded to see identifications and conducted bag searches on the spot. When asked what publisher we were representing, the response was soon dismissed by police, with one officer stating that ‘citizen media does not count as real journalism’.

DSC_0592Image taken just before bag search and I.D check. Photo: TOTT News

Despite this, TOTT News continued to film, and tonight you will see the introduction to our second video report featuring South Brisbane station and police in the background.

It is important to note, however, that we are very familiar with our rights and responsibilities under the G20 Safety and Security Bill 2013, and would advise our audience to read ‘Discussion: What to expect at the 2014 G20 Summit in Brisbanebefore filming and/or entering into the Security Zone.

Soon after we finished filming at South Brisbane station, we had learned that seasoned Brisbane activist, Ciaron O’Reilly, had been added to ‘prohibited persons list’ ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit and is banned from entering into the surrounding zones.

Ethan caught up with Ciaron in West End shortly after speaking with detectives to discuss his ban, the circumstances surrounding it, his previous protest actions, and the broad topic of the world order.

See the full, unedited interview below:

So far, despite a general resistance to the presence of citizen media, the police have negotiated, supported Briscan and upheld the right to freedom of expression during the G20 Summit in Brisbane.

Discussion: Strategising for Change with Sam Watson (@Fish Lane)

Indigenous rights pioneer, Sam Watson held a discussion at Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane to address the present struggle amongst the indigenous community for justice and progression against a system that continuously suppresses the people and empowers their self-vested interests.

Sam is a prominent figure of the indigenous right movement in Brisbane, and is a former political campaigner, teacher and activist for many issues over the years.

DSC_0598When Sam talks, people listen. Photo: TOTT News

Sam spoke about a number of issues including an in-depth look at the history of black deaths in custody, networking with indigenous peoples of the world, his thoughts on potential recognition of indigenous people in the Constitution, moving forward, addressing issues, and much more.


Today in Brisbane, the G20 Peoples’ Summit kicked off in emphatic fashion, with numerous workshops, discussion groups and collective actions dominating the agenda.

TOTT News was present at discussions relating to austerity, challenging transnational corporations, and civil liberties in Australia. You can find all of our coverage below.

Official photos can be found here >> G20 Peoples’ Summit Gallery | TOTT News

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Discussion: Attack on Civil Liberties & Democracy and Spatial Politics with Stephen Keim and Chris Butler (@UnitingChurch)

Today, the Uniting Church was pleased to welcome Stephen Keim and Chris Butler to speak on a number of issues.

Keim is a Barrister at ‘Law Attacks on Civil Liberties and Democratic Rights’, and is noted for his strongly principled and controversial actions in various cases. As a result, he was awarded the Human Rights Medal in 2009 by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Butler is from the Griffith Law School, and researches areas of law and social theory, urban governance, and critical approaches to state power. His book Henri Lefebvre: Spatial Politics, Everyday Life and the Right to the City has been recently published by Routledge.

The pair spoke extensively today about civil liberties in relation to the 2014 G20 Summit.

DSC_05232009 Australian Human Rights Medal recipent, Stephen Keim. Photo: TOTT News

A number of key issues were raised during their speeches, including: from civil liberties: ASIO powers, importance of transparency and accountability, ISIS and terrorism propaganda, the ideological stance of the State, examples of ’cause and effect’ intelligence operations, SIO definitions and much more.

Analysis: Austerity, the G20 and Growth with John Quiggin (@Colossus Hall)

Today, Colossus Hall in West End was joined via Skype by John Quiggin.

John Quiggin, Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland, is a blogger, former journalist and writer for Jacobin Magazine. He is well known, not only for his articles and books – like the most recent, entitled “Zombie Economics” published by Princeton Press – but also for his appearance on the back of a truck in front of street marches.

Questions and Answers session. Photo: TOTT News

John spoke extensively about the current economic system and the problems the world market faces going forward, before wrapping up the presentation with a Q&A session.

Forum: Challenging the Power of Transnational Corporations and the Architecture of Impunity (@UnitingChurch)

Today, the Uniting Church was joined by Adhemar S. Mineiro and others.

Mineiro is a Brazilian economist, and economic adviser to the International Secretariat of CUT, Brazil’s biggest trade union confederation.

Adhemar Mineiro shares a mountain of knowledge. Photo: TOTT News

Today, the discussion analysed the prevailing architecture of impunity and the role of TNCs play in the ongoing and increasing threats to peoples’ lives and livelihoods. Further strategies of resistance were discussed, including the potential instigation of a peoples’ treaty for binding rules to control TNCs actions and operations.






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