December 7, 2023

2 thoughts on “Opinion: Australia’s unjustified reaction to the MH17 incident

  1. Thank you for providing an unbiased account of this terrible tragedy, appreciate your efforts in locating information outside of the MSM.

  2. Good article, I think you were not hard enough on the mainstream media. They are PRESSTITUTES…following the directions from their editors. All following the party line..the global media (mainstream) is controlled by 5 companies. I was disgusted by the comments made by Tony Abbott..and I regret my efforts in campaigning for him at the last election, although, Krudd and Juliar had to go. Does our PM think he is the new “tough guy” on the block? I doubt that Mr. Putin is shaking in his boots because of Abbott’s comments…is he having delusions of granduer?. The current Govt. of Ukraine was installed by a coalition of the US Govt…Soros and the Israeli’ a cost of US$500 million.If you think the genocide in Gaza at the moment is bad…wait until you see what they have planned for the Ukrainian people. I admire the restraint shown by Putin so far…but as the unelected ‘puppet’ Govt. of the Ukraine..and their US /Jewish financiers continue to murder the people of the long can he wait? As for MH17…is it not a coincidence that this was ANOTHER Malaysian Airlines flight? The so-called separatists..who are actually locals trying to protect their families…would they be capable of singling out one Malaysian airlines plane from all other air traffic..and shooting it down from 35,000 feet ? This was a Govt. job…and not the Govt. of Russia. Who stood to gain? Wasn’t Putin…wasn’t the Ukrainian people…wasn’t the 298 passengers on the ‘plane’..wasn’t their families…wasn’t Malaysia airlines. Who is capable of such a crime? Is Obama..and the US Govt…is Israel…or Soros…or the British Govt…..THE ANSWER…they all are…and probably in coalition.Birds of a feather..flock together.

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