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Infecting the World: A Brief History of Virus Lab Leaks

The best protocols in the world can’t eliminate human error, which is the cause of most accidents in high containment biolabs found across the world.

SARS 1, H1N1 and smallpox are just some of the viruses that are documented to have escaped from laboratories, raising some important questions about the nature of diseases.



Deep State Fingerprints: What Really Happened at the Capitol?

In early January, a number of rioters broke into the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C, making international news after a day of deaths, injuries, arrests and vandalism.

Both sides of the political spectrum may not be aware their movements are highjacked from the top, allowing for psychological operations like this to be carried out.



Technofascism: The Historical Roots of the Modern Scientific Elite

Big Tech’s ever-expanding ability to shape public opinion and control freedom of speech stems directly from the rise of futurism and technocratic ideals in the early 20th century.

Whoever controls the information we see or don’t see, controls collective perceptions. The same forces pushing for a posthuman world are also promoting this advancement as beneficial.



Weaponised Skies: How Chemically-Enhanced Military Jet Trails Disrupt Signals

In the mid-1990s, many Western countries began to notice unusual, persistent and spreading condensation trails generated by high-altitude jets.

By the late-2000s, the phenomenon was observed by millions of people and became known colloquially as “chemtrails”, with many people believing that a significant percentage of each trail consists of deliberately-released chemicals.



Gain-of-Function: The Blurred Lines of Biowarfare and Vaccine Research

This month marks a year since the magnitude of the coronavirus saga began to manifest, and subsequently, a year worth of evidence regarding its origin.

Was it really a bioweapon? Or a gain-of-function experiment gone wrong? Perhaps, upon examination, the data is more complex than imagined.

Consulting the best medical journals and US military documents, it’s time to explore the blurred lines between bioweapons and vaccine research.



Inside America’s Failed Bolivia Coup

In November last year, things were looking grim for Bolivians.

Their beloved President Evo Morales – who had cut poverty in half by nationalising the energy sector, redistributing wealth, and democratising the constitution – was overthrown. The US has a long history of interfering in metal and cocaine-rich Bolivia.

From mid-2019, the US military and State Department worked with wealthy, extremist opponents of Morales to have him deposed. But within 12 months, a Morales-approved candidate was elected President.


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