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New Zealand officers can now enter properties

A controversial new COVID-19 law has been passed in New Zealand that allows police officers to search homes without a warrant.

Despite widespread concern, the government rushed through the powerful legislation as the country drops to Alert Level 2, saying it is a ‘better route’ than existing lockdown measures.



Questioning COVID-19 will become Thoughtcrime

Social media companies have launched new campaigns to censor COVID-19 material opposing ‘consensus’ medical viewpoints on the topic.

Coupled with increased social engineering tactics, including appeals to ‘herd immunity’ during restrictions, foundations are being built for an approaching era of COVID-19 “thoughtcrime”.


The rise of brain-reading technology

Technologies allowing thoughts and feelings to be translated and shared into digital form are already a reality, and in the era of neurocapitalism, your brain will soon require its own rights.

In the modern world, brain-computer interfaces (BCI) allow us to connect our minds to computers for medical purposes, and now big tech is seeking to transform this into consumer commonplace.



Martial Law: Enforcing the COVID-19 Narrative

Australia has now entered a total shutdown of all non-essential services, with suburb-by-suburb lockdown measures tipped to become a reality.

As the country sails through uncharted waters, we explore the latest on COVID-19, future predictions of this unfolding plan — including the potential of Martial Law — and deeper links between the virus and propaganda used in George Orwell’s 1984.


Questioning Grand Narratives: A Primer

When one begins truly attempting to see the world for what it is, they are likely to discover some rather uncomfortable facts about this reality.

It is easy to focus on the conclusion of one chain of research, but when we incorporate that conclusion as the premise of a new line of thinking, only then can we begin to rebuild our perceptions.

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