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FULL INTERVIEW: Ethan Nash speaks with Pete Evans

Chef Pete Evans became a household name in Australia. Then he started questioning water fluoridation, chemicals in sunscreen and took a pro-choice position on vaccinations.

When he questioned the official COVID-19 narrative, all hell broke loose. Ethan spoke exclusively with Pete about his experiences in the media spotlight.


The Contradictions of Vaccine Politics

The current penchant that governments and many citizens have for “Covidocracy” looks like becoming permanent. This is despite the initial promise of the ‘silver bullet vaccine’.

Those who, quite legitimately, question the efficacy of the jab, are prone to be made pariahs. Rather, they should be lauded as the rational ones among us, and thanked for pointing out the massive contradictions of vaccine politics.

Coronavirus ‘vaccine certificates’ to be rolled out on smartphones

Ahead of the scheduled rollout of coronavirus vaccines in Australia, new details have revealed how citizens will be expected to carry supporting documentation with them.

Australians will receive ‘proof of vaccination certificates’ on their smartphones, in addition to hard copies, under plans set to be finalised by the federal government.


Science fiction visions are becoming dystopic realities

After a year when governments themselves became the biggest threat to a population’s well-being, it also became clear it was the ‘crazies’ who were making more and more sense.

What was science fiction only a year ago has now been accepted as reality by Australia’s compliant, poorly-educated populations, explores A Sense of Place Magazine.