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Australians have low trust in AI, want it regulated

The dawn of the Fourth-Industrial Revolution (FIR) will bring with it improved capabilities for artificial intelligence, and the potential technological dangers are limitless.

How willing are we to trust AI systems? What are our expectations for how AI should be deployed and managed? Can regulation and laws keep up with developments?


Indemnity granted for COVID-19 vaccine side effects

The Morrison government has given the suppliers of two COVID-19 vaccines indemnity against prosecution for side effects that experts say are “inevitable” when a vaccine is rolled out.

The government will not set up a statutory compensation scheme, meaning Australians who suffered ‘extremely rare’ side effects would face a tough battle to seek compensation.


Acedia: The lost emotion humans are feeling

The term ‘acedia’ holds an important place in early monastic demonology and psychology, once characterised as “the most troublesome of all” the eight genera of evil thoughts.

Naming and expressing experiences allows us to claim some agency in dealing with them, and when examining the current state of the world, this forgotten feeling is more relevant than ever.