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Construction protest erupts as CFMEU Victoria turns back on members

As the COVID-19 vaccine mandate looms, workers are getting increasingly agitated, directing their frustration at the union that’s supposed to be there to represent them – the CFMEU.

Is the NSW Government becoming a Hobbesian ‘Leviathan’?

The back half of 2021 has witnessed unprecedented scenes occur in Australia, with the NSW government growing into something resembling a Hobbesian Leviathan.

The word ‘Leviathan’ is believed to have come from the Hebrew etymology: “Lavah”, meaning “to couple, connect, or join” and “Tannin”, meaning “serpent or dragon”.


The government is clamping down on charities – and it could hurt protests

Federal and state governments have both introduced a number of measures in recent years that threaten fundamental rights to protests and freedom of speech in Australia.

As anti-establishment dissent becomes more prevalent, and as approaches become more innovative, authorities once again are looking for ways to clamp down.


Secret State Uncovered: The Monitoring of Australia

In the years since September 11th, Australia has experienced significant shifts in traditional legal frameworks, with ‘hyper-legislative’ responses to the ‘war on terror’ only the beginning.

Through the interplay between law and order policy platforms, our country has witnessed a multi-dimensional normalisation of mass surveillance in new contexts.