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The Black Pill: Beyond The Matrix

In pursuit of truth, we become exposed to unrealistic depictions of how the ‘outside’ or ‘real’ world works. This is underpinned by fundamental beliefs in deceptive grand narratives that shape our reality.

In the following, we examine the framework of the lie system, the red vs blue pill conundrum, challenging our understandings of the world, the role of metanarratives and a look at inconvenient truths.

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Member Circle: 2020 Vision | Jan 2020

Morality serves as the ultimate foundation for individuals seeking to improve the quality and condition of their lives, and pursuit of objectivist truth is the greatest investment one can ever make.

On the latest Member Circle Podcast, Ethan discusses membership content over the last 12 months, the context and future of TOTT News publishing, changes coming to the website, new membership features and more.

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Feeding You Lies: The Food Industry

The modern world food system has led to the eviction of millions of families from their land, transformed the way in which countries farm and allowed a monopoly of resource control to grow.

Citizens across the world must personally reclaim a food system that has effectively been corporatised, to the great detriment of health, the planet and democracy.

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