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CLARA’s High-Speed Rail: The Full Story

Exposing the truth about Australia’s east coast rail vision.

Polyergus of the Brave New World

Parasitism is a pervasive phenomenon in which a parasite gains control over the life of a targeted host. This is carried out by virtually all species on earth.

Forget ‘the elite’ or ‘the globalists’, it’s time to coin a new definition for the individuals and groups that control the structure of this world: Polyergus!


Australia: The Road to Digital Tyranny

Once upon a time, the personal life of the individual citizen was considered to be a sphere of absolute privacy, where one could reliably escape the prying eyes of the outside world.

Australians have incrementally signed away rights and privileges that other generations fought for, undermining the very cornerstones of our democratic cultures in the process, Ethan Nash argues.

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