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How do we encourage children to draw?

Drawing is much more than pencils and paper: it’s an important outlet for children and adolescents who do not have the verbal skills to communicate their feelings.

The biggest driving factors for anxiety in children are communication apprehension, fear of negative evaluation and performance capabilities. These elements can be found in many educational settings and we must all find new ways to encourage creativity.


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COVIDSafe App: Gateway to Social Credit

The message from Australian authorities is simple, patronising and misleading: Download the COVIDSafe app and we will start letting you out of coronavirus lockdown.

Despite the claims, experts insist that surveillance tracing tools of this nature are not effective in preventing the spread of a virus, and further analysis reveals the underlying intention of the application may in fact be to log, capture and monitor citizen behaviours.

Is COVIDSafe the missing link needed to kick-start an Australian ‘social credit system’?

Parents opt-out of classroom technology amid privacy concerns

Australians have long moved past worrying about whether digital technology has a place in education, with schools, colleges and universities now replete with a catalogue of digital devices, systems and applications.

Because of this ubiquity, educational uses of technology tend to escape critical scrutiny and questioning, and most remain unaware of major privacy concerns raised when exploring how your children’s personal information is collected, stored and used at school.