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Boeing tests autonomous drone technology in Queensland

Boeing has completed a series of test fights in Australia to explore how high-performance unmanned aircrafts can operate together using artificial intelligence.

The project culminated with five small jet drones operating as a team at the Queensland Flight Test Range in Cloncurry, following a $14.5 million investment from the Palaszczuk government.


Chinese drones are monitoring Australian skies

A new consultation paper has warned against the “malicious use” of drone technology by the Chinese Communist Party in Australia, as millions of devices continue to go unaccounted for.

The report cites government and business sites, as well as infrastructure and crowded places, as vulnerable to image and signals gathering, espionage, data exfiltration or physical attack.


‘Pandemic drones’: Creating a police state?

As COVID-19 restrictions tighten across the world, governments are harnessing the potential of drones. From delivering medical supplies, to helping keep people indoors — drones can do a lot in a pandemic.

Like all technologies, the question with drones should be about how they are used. But embedding systems of control that can be turned against civilians is its own disaster in the making.