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Discussion: Smart cities, neuro-surveillance, biometrics

Smart cities are being developed across Australia as part of the Agenda 2030 plan, and the mechanisms in which they are being constructed reveal a deeper plot linked to China’s dystopian ‘social credit’ surveillance.

In the following, Ethan Nash from TOTT News appeared on Ramola D Reports to discuss Australia’s move towards a similar control system.

Concerns over surveillance units in Melbourne

Mobile surveillance units are being used in parks and public spaces across Melbourne to remotely monitor citizens during stage four restrictions, fuelling privacy concerns.

The technology is the latest step in Melbourne’s ongoing shift towards a techno-fascist state, which has seen the introduction of facial recognition cameras and other ‘smart city’ initiatives.


Social distancing will merge with facial recognition

Artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology will soon be used to monitor social distancing and as an ‘enhancement’ for systems such as temperature checks, experts say.

The technology will be able to detect those with high temperatures and individuals not following COVID-19 directives, alerting businesses of any breaches via CCTV cameras.