November 29, 2023

10 thoughts on “Rain Bombed: Australia’s Flood Refugees | Video

  1. so does that mean once the land has been bought up and the railway built..there will be no more rain events???? OK we are now looking down many years into the future, but who will be using the rail once milions more have been killed off, and we will own nothing and drones will deliver what we have hired? Not sure how far this can go to remain plausable…. we are saturated with lies since this Plandemic was started…. and besides the sheeple … other thinking people are also tired of the continuous pressure to “stay safe” in TV advertising so the real Dollar evil people and their Gov puppets have been around for ever….. BUT maybe Tott news could focus and bring article of HOW we can get through this, how small groups can be started those of like minded belief and thoughts.. and HOW can employees say NO to the continued pressure from employers to get the Jab and or the next of a continuous number of dangerous booster shots….????

    1. These evil bastards in government need to have a class action lawsuit against them they have MURDERED innocent men women and children for this agenda

    2. Yes mate I agree this feels like a bad dream while these filthy evil criminals roam this land. We need a massive lawsuit against them all we have the evidence to take them down

    3. A solution to what is occurring is to form local groups/communes to buy/sell/barter/exchange knowledge and skills and to stay as far away from established systems as possible (including digital id)

  2. I see this as part of their great agenda to get rid of most of humanity and the rest will be subjected to eating garbage food and insects. All this blamed on so called climate change. What is happening all over the globe in western countries is food shortages deliberately manufactured to make it appear that climate is the problem and also all these pandemics happening at the same time – re: foot and mouth, bird flu and varroa mite. My prediction is that Australia will end up with foot and mouth and the leaders of this country will deem it necessary to cull all herds of sheep and cattle and then we will have bird flu mysteriously appear and then a cull on chickens and then no eggs and the bees will get decimated so no pollination. That leaves insects and packaged rubbish food for the masses. Don’t want them living too long now do we? Unless we rise up and do something. So we will see if this comes about.

  3. Ah yes: young Ethan : Les Conspritor par excellonce:
    I mean we can’t have a few facts getting in the way of the truth now can:?
    Where the correlation of times, events, behaviours which have been documented
    and are freely available:
    The Sin of the Fact Checker: who we note on many occasions, have no name;
    or offer any qualification as to knowledge of the subject matter:
    With the Carnival ; and the show of distractions must go on ; with Albanese ;racking up the frequent flyer points; and announcements of Policy for the World stage :
    With again that curious coincidence of circumstance:
    Then we have the Jobs and “a present for someone ” the Barilaro fiasco of
    corruption and the never ending headlines , as poor old Jonny boy, goes
    into mental dysforia: I mean keeping up with the lies and who said what;
    would be very stressful :
    We who are looking on can only be in awe of the scope and fractured dysfunction
    of Government and the overwhelming corruption;;
    If there is a struggle with base level corruption, jobs for the mates , at mates rates;
    then what is being done in relation to the theft and fraud in the wake of
    this manufactured disaster is simply breathtaking :
    With all the stuttering and mumbling , buck passing , obfuscation and the complete
    failure of Duty of Care; is alarming :
    No Ethan keep hammering away ; keep the story and the facts coming, it is too easy just to say its not my problem and it doesn’t affect me: But does and it will
    Knock , Knock , who’s there 😕 End Game: Slave:!!!

  4. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

  5. Yep, both the 2019 wildfires & 2022 flash floods are geoengineered to clear the area for future high-speed rail ! The government would not plan a high-speed rail in flood prone areas !!!!!!!!!

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