December 7, 2023

9 thoughts on “Georgia Guidestones damaged by explosion, investigation underway

  1. And we mentioned the Guidestones in my Sunday night talk, Ethan, as my adored Dr Christiane Northrup mentioned them in a recent interview with Childrens Health Defense. The USA’s Satanic Stonehenge bites the dust. As Shane says, not Davos (or the inner cores of The City of London or the Vatican), but this is a start. Yay!!! I think Pixie and I might crack a bottle of bubbly tonight! This is really important, symbolic stuff.

  2. The monument was allegedly commissioned by “R.C. Christian”, which could mean “Rose Cross Christian”, or could mean “Roman Catholic Christian”. In any case, with the latter interpretation it is not surprising that the eight languages on the monument do not include Greek, ancient or modern. To quote Saker: “The truth is that the real West, the one born from the Middle-Ages (and *not* from the Roman or Greek civilizations!) has always been ruled by cynical, evil, thugs. In the past, these thugs always concealed their real worldview and agenda under all sorts of pious pretexts, now its only “ideology” left is pure hatred and wokism (same thing, really).”

  3. Could it be a false flag – destroying the evidence of their evil intent?

    Why demolish the entire structure if only one pillar was damaged? Why not rebuild that one damaged pillar?

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing.
      Maybe the Georgia council were copping too much flack over the site and decided to get rid of it?

  4. ‘Guides’ for for ‘Living in an Age of ‘Reason’! LOL – Current Controlling RS (Resourced Simpletons – formerly referenced as Elite) have NO reasoning, only ‘Ideal Theory’! (Is that what I.T. stands for?)
    Rumour has it, that 1 of Moses’s Offspring, after listening to Jethro- Tull – ‘Living in the Past’ & having been CoV Locked Down with New version ‘Aqualung’, had Divine intervention & Realised that the ‘Meaning of Life’ is in fact 42 (Build -1980 +42) JournEYED to Georgia, & took out 1 0f the Four pillars, for Several reasons;
    the 4 Pillars reminded him of the four corners of the Planet – Cubism – Central Column IS withstanding.
    Voices in his Head programmed his belief in the Holy Trinity’- Not a Foursome.
    He’d had a Traumatic experience @ a 7/11 Franchise – It’s ALL in the Distance.
    But most of All, failure to Acknowledge his Ancient Forebear’s ‘Patent’ on Pre Guidelines -’10 Commandments on Tablets of stone’, Ideas & Intellectual properties therein!.
    Being of Jewish extraction, he didn’t totally reduce THE infrastructure because of Recurring 7’s. – 7 Miles/ Route 77.
    No Greeks mentioned? Elberton is N.East of ‘Athens’./ Georgia. LOL.
    Inscriptions on Tablets; Maintain Populations under 500 Million – Sounds Very Familiar!
    Unite Humanity with a Living new language = COMPLIANCE IS ALL!
    Let ALL Nations rule ‘Internally’ resolving external differences in a world court?- Current WEF Theory? IN Practice?
    Avoid Petty laws & Useless officials. How’s That working for You, under current CON JOB 19 & Strategic Shortages? When ‘These’ are on the INCREASE!
    & My Fav – ‘Be not a Cancer, on the Earth!’ LOL! & I, thought that’d be the FIRST rule!

    After the ‘purported’ Explosive attacks on the ‘Monument’ several onlookers @ the Demolition of residual infrastructure, later that day, were in a state of Shockley, & were heard Kersten under their breath!
    Police Noted; (actually an interactive passer by Noted this, but told local Law enforcement, who couldn’t understand ANY of the engraved language, & also referenced that English was also the Common tongue of the United States, & including Law enforcement Agencies – oops!) That Picking on the Swahili/Hindi tablet of monument was Not indicative of ‘Those’ Races being Diminished or Eradicated, because this was Currently Systemically being enacted by Euro/Sino Interests ALREADY, in Real Time!
    Police after viewing CCTV evidence, were looking for a vehicle of Interest. The Horse & Cart spotted as part of footage was later found abandoned on the side of a local track. As Police arrived. A Local Male citizen with his arm fully up the Horses Rectal area, informed them that the Unit had broken down, & that he was the local Amish emergency Mechanic. Investigations are ongoing.
    Of interest; Elberton/ Britain. A vision of Britain thru time. 1850’s introductions Social Structures & ‘Class Systems’ of today – 3 Classes – STILL!
    What’s next for Replacement? They’ve ALREADY got a ‘Monumental’ Pentagon!!

    1. Further to above & with Local to Elberton, such a ‘Little’ town, Georgia, we have, since 1950, The South Eastern power Administration, a division of US Dept of Energy. This ‘Group’ markets power generated by THE ‘US Army Corps of Engineers’, across the southern United States. The USACE, IS, ‘Interesting’ in ‘History’, ON ‘Deployments’ & AT ‘Locations,’ @ Home & Abroad!
      In House ‘Special Fires’ such as Santa Rosa 2018, where Houses burnt to Foundations, Vehicle Glass vapourised, & other ‘Non Normal fire destruction’ vehicle Alloys ‘Melted in Rivers’, but Vegetation Still exists. ‘Clean up Project’ – Dedicated Management – USACE.
      DO NOT look TOO closely @ Photos of House/ Vehicle ‘Special Burns’, Eastern Sea Board of Australia 2019. – It may look ‘Familiar’.
      Wellness. – Paint it Black.

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