December 1, 2023

10 thoughts on “Hundreds of Victorian teachers stood down over failure to meet booster mandate

    1. He is merely following what the other silent dictator Scomo has ordered all premiers to do so they can have a share of the 6 or 16 billion dollars in rewards (Watch Lawyer J. Gillespie at the Senate Inquiry with Senator Malcolm Roberts).

      The one that does the better job of destroying the economy of their states and killing the most citizens gets the better share of the reward and needless to say that this has tickled Dan’s ambition of becoming the worst dictator and take revenge on having most likely been bullied as a child.

      But his time is coming too. It may take longer but the recompense always matches the merits. Remember they are all in it together, as they have said out loud.

  1. Firstly , I must say I am so sorry that such a wicked thing is happening to you to all our fellow citizens. To my knowledge every injection you have lessens your immune system until you have none. Just like me, now that does cause concern.
    Teachers are a smart bunch, you will find away.
    Really, did you vote these people in to order you, me like slaves ?
    Do you want to be ruled with threats and punishments for the rest of your life ? And what about the kids? Yes, what about the kids?

    WE seem to be up S,,,,T Creek without a paddle. This is notabout our health.

  2. THE Commons. Q; What does Australian Federal Govts, State Governments & their Agencies/ Depts., have in Common? A; Dodgy Figures!
    Now that THE Sheeple have been programmed with ‘Mythical Beastie PLUS # Something’ – Short, Medium, Never Ending COVID, & ‘Primed’ for the Usual M.S. Media Circus World ‘Operation Elect a WEF P.E.T.’, the Same Old, Same old Game of Musical games for Drones begins! With the ‘Only enough’ relaxing of restrictions related to ‘Mythical Beastie’ (M.B.) apparent, BUT, only in Certain Quarters! Ditto with the ‘Contrived Cost of Living’ increases & ‘Supply’ Woes.
    As usual, THE Morons passing themselves off as ‘Competent’, Plus the ‘Unelected’ Bureaucrats & Technocrats RUINING, NORMAL Healthy Humans in ALL of their existence parameters, goes on!
    NOT happy with F#CKING UP, everything & everyone they come into Contact with, the NEO AGE Australian ‘Pretenders to the Throne’, have timed their Tyranny & Failings to perfection – Actually, BY DEFAULT! ALL of the Repressive policies, Highly inflationary Economic Govt ‘Solutions’ to ‘M.B’ are offset by blaming some Dodgy M.S. Media ‘Manufactured’ (As Usual) Russian Beat up, Half a Planet away!
    Prime Minstrel; “Is there a chance we could ‘resurrect’ Saddam Hussein’, as a plan F, in case the WEF thing in UKR doesn’t go well?”
    The Current Australian crew, BOTH SIDES, Laboriously & Libertarian Parties, Federal & State, ARE Collaborating ‘Offscreen’ for ALL, OUR Collective benefits Financial, Health & Wellbeing/ Physically & Mentally – Except those Lepers in THE Resource, Education & other Sectors, Of course! The New Collaborative Politic Pact will, ‘After’ THE Diversion that passes for The Orstralian Fed Election be known as –
    Tyrannical ‘Hire’archy Intruding Everyone’s Viable Existence Systematically – or T.H.I.E.V.E.S.
    Not to be out done in Campaigning, with a ‘Proven’ track record, THE ‘SAFE & EFFECTIVE’ Prime Minstrel , flushed with success, Buoyed by UNNWO & UNWHO approval ratings,& his recent Operatic rendition during Mythical Beastie ‘COVID Somewhere’ of the WEF ‘Staged Show’ – ‘The Merchant of Menace’.- Shylock represented by IMF.
    Future operas to appear when the next LIBERAL & LABOR Treasury & CoV Vaxx MANDATE Protocols/ Adverse Reactions ‘Massaged’ Statistics release will be a WEF Collaborative Opera – ‘The Comedy of Errors’ – OR – ‘King Lear’. Import Cameo role by Joe Biden as King Lear.
    These are intended to be followed up after OZ ‘Massaged’ Election Results via Westminster charades ‘Preferential Voting’, by Opera ‘Much ado about Nothing!’
    Others; Dan Andrews to play as ‘Julius Caesar’ – Ides to be provided, sometime in the future- maybe next March. Teachers union to supply Brutus lookalikes. Offshoot film productions;
    Dan Andrews also Earmarked, especially with RT-PCR testing of Municipal Sewer treatments, to play ‘Richard the Turd’.
    Federal & State Health C.M.Os to Audition for prime role of Caligula.
    N.S.W former & current COVID Premiers auditioning for; ‘Anthony & Cleopatra’.
    QLD, N.S.W, Vic EPA to Jointly audition as NERO, to watch the Western Seaboard of OZ ‘Conveniently Burn’ – HAARPs will be provided.
    And not forgetting the WOKE Brigade, U.N Sponsored production – ‘Taming of the Shrew’.
    B.L.M to produce ‘Othello’ – A modern twist..
    AND SO! ALL leads to this; To the ‘THINGS’ passing themselves off as M.S. & Social Media, AT EVERY LEVEL, YOU are responsible for ALL of the current Local & International Woes. THE Misery of Personal, National & International RIGHT OF EXISTENCE!! Without YOU, NONE of the Timeless Issues COULD, NOR WOULD, PASS THE GETGO!
    An observance of an observer;
    “It is THE PRESS, ABOVE ALL, which wages a Positively Fanatical and Slanderous Struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a Support of National Independence, Cultural elevation, and the Economic Independence of the Nation.” – Adolph Hitler.
    Wellness to us!

  3. Hah! Serves the Victorian government right. I’d encourage every Victorian teacher to leave the industry. What lunacy. The best outcome will be if so many teachers leave the industry that it is crippled by the refusal to take booster shots!

  4. I know a number of jabbed teachers that are so busy with extra work because of lack of staff but they fail to realise by agreeing to take on an extra workload they are aiding this perpetual nonsense. Help yourselves teachers and learn to say no to extra duties.

    Download Here >

    ELECTION 2022

    LINK: Be warned: The World Health Organization’s “Pandemic Treaty” will destroy all remaining freedoms and unleash a global MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP



    ie. the main DRIVER of ‘where we now stand’ with all the tyranny, mandates, is DIRECTLY due to the WHO & WEF (UN) CoVid agenda – remember this when you vote.
    DO NOT vote for Liberal/National, Labor or Greens.

    NB. Please acknowledge that this extensive effort to collate information is independent research, and unpaid work, not affiliated with any political party.

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