Perth workers lay down uniforms at Parliament as mandates set to begin

As “D-Day” arrives, workers from a variety of industries lay their uniforms down on the steps of Parliament in Perth.

Powerful scenes on the steps of Parliament House in Perth this afternoon, as workers lay down their uniforms to protest impending mandates across the state.

Authorities say workers must receive their first dose by tomorrow or face unemployment, as mandates affect 75% of WA’s workforce.


Demonstrators gathered outside Parliament House on this afternoon, opposed to the WA government’s introduction of vaccine mandates.

Despite the looming uncertainty, the spirit of Australia remained high:

December 1 is being called ‘D-Day’ — the day when workers across a wide range of industries must have had their first dose of a COVID vaccine in order to keep their jobs.

FIFO miners, police, and community care workers, to name just a few, must be single-dosed by December 1 and double-dosed by December 31.

Protesters laid hi-vis FIFO vests and hard hats on the steps of Parliament and held placards with slogans such as “no to medical mandates” and “coercion is not consent”.

Former Liberal candidate Andrea Tokaji addressed the crowd, saying vaccine mandates were causing “pain”.

“These directions cause harm and suffering,” she said.

“These directions violate the constitution.”

Other industries whose workers must be fully vaccinated by December 31 include port, transport and freight workers, health and aged care staff, fire and emergency services employees, abattoir and meat processing workers, and prison staff.

Staff at supermarkets, groceries, restaurants, pubs and cafes, as well as childcare, public transport and construction workers must be fully vaccinated by January 31.

Representatives from many of these industries appeared at Wednesday’s protests, with one placard reading, “Fire and rescue say no to medical mandates”.


As the event carried on, protesters let the corporate media know they were NOT impressed with their continued distorted coverage of the alternative viewpoint across Australia.


Here is a POV perspective from one of the journalists in question:

Mass coercion and segregation continues across Australia and shows no sign of slowing down with the ‘arrival’ of Omicron on our shores ahead of 2022.

One thing is for certain, the people are standing firm in their fundamental right to choose.



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4 comments on “Perth workers lay down uniforms at Parliament as mandates set to begin”

  1. The huge protests all over the country and the world for that matter would have governments capitulating to demands under any other subject but not this time. If that doesn’t prove that they are owned by higher powers and just can’t give in then what does. The government duopoly of Lib band Labor must go.

  2. All the balls are in the air just waiting to be caught and then you will not believe what will happen to Australia and the rest of the world’s coming believe you me …the truth will be out there !, just be ready for it and look after the people that can’t believe what they’re actually seeing and experiencing…

  3. The power behind world governments has been plotting this for 100 years. Its nearly impossible for us to win against an unseen, unnamed world-wide enemy.

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