Even MORE demonstrations are planned across the country | Details

Australians are gearing up for more HUGE weekends of national action, once again taking a stand against medical coercion and loss of freedoms.

The wave of resistance continues.
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After continuous protests across the country, the momentum is not slowing down. The next month is expected to once again bring together tens of thousands of Australians for HUGE demonstrations.

Get the full details on upcoming events below:


To kick things off, this upcoming weekend will play host to the next instalment of national World Wide Rally For Freedom events, which have swept the nation during the corona dystopia era.

The first event was held in March 2021, to align with international protests. The #WeWillAllBeThere hashtag allows like-minded individuals to stay connected all over the world in solidarity.

There has been subsequent follow-up events in July 2021 and August 2021, attracting tens of thousands of concerned citizens to action against the continued new world order shift.

The most recent wave of demonstrations, held in September 2021, kicked off perhaps the most symbolic month in Australian history, including the beginning of Melbourne’s great struggle.

Once again, Australia marches with international brothers and sisters against medical coercion, segregation, losses of freedoms, erosion of privacy and many more pressing issues.

The action doesn’t stop there, either. The following weekend will see campaigners return again.


The following weekend will host the next series of ‘Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations’ (MMAMV) events, supported by Freedom Keepers, Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN), Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP) and more.

The first wave of events was held in May 2020, with follow-ups in February 2021 that saw large groups march through the streets of Brisbane and elsewhere.

The focus of these events is around vaccines and related discussions, specifically — as Australians continue to face mandates, loss of income and more, for their personal medical decisions.

The last series of MMAMVA events, held in September 2021 as part of historic waves of national demonstrations, also drew strong numbers across the country. Individual locations are regularly held.

The group has also partnered with #ReclaimTheLine organisers for this series of demonstrations, calling for unity and action in this time of uncertain transformation.



Newly added – 19/11/21.

Two weeks after these events, we will see the third instalment of #ReclaimTheLine demonstrations, where workers from a variety of industries will gather once again to oppose mandate restrictions.

Demonstrators are encouraged to dress in white for silent strike actions across the country, as Australians face loss of income/employment disruption for their own personal medical decisions.

The debut event in October saw tens of thousands of Australians share powerful messages of their struggle openly, with both physical and online campaigns for the movement.

The last event, earlier this month, saw an increase in attendance due to the ongoing authoritarian employment conundrum, and is only expected to continue to get bigger in December.

Industries of every nature are continuing to hand down unjust vaccine requirements for most workplaces, and once again, Australians will push back and say NO!

Specific locations will be announced closer to the date.

Will you be attending the demonstrations?

As always, TOTT News will bring readers the latest on-the-ground coverage for each event.


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