December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “Australia’s digital ID system will soon get an oversight body

  1. A disgusting dystopia, just as you predicted. As Patrick Henningsen describes, those trapped in this system will be “slaves on a digital plantation”.

  2. Can someone please put together a summary of why we reject it when we put in our submissions. Clear and simple facts that even the public servants ( or whoever) they employ to read our submissions will understand. I understand we only have a few days to put the submission in so can TOTT news please have their subscribers do submissions?

  3. Ah yes. And right on cue – Optus has a giant “data breach” – problem, reaction, solution. The problem is “hacking”, the reaction is “save us from the hackers please Government”, the “solution” is biometric IDs. These dipshits are so clever aren’t they? Hehe

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