Blackout Aftermath: Melbourne campaigners infiltrated, hunted and censored

Melbourne emerged from an unprecedented blackout across the city to find the movement had been seriously damaged by counter-intelligence operations.

We take a look inside Day 5 and Day 6 of Melbourne’s attempted freedom protests – events that would confirm some of the worst suspicions of infiltration suggested earlier in the week.


Big Brother is Watching, Melbourne.
Photo: LOW


September 23rd was a very strange day for Melbourne.

A number of red flags suggested there was an intentional blackout of the city, as familiar scenes of thousands marching through the city were nowhere to be seen.

Media organisations were banned from broadcasting live aerial footage, and spent the whole day contesting the decision with Victoria Police in the courtrooms.

Livestreams on-the-ground were reportedly being interrupted and deleted, while the local status of telecommunications was experiencing outages across the board.

Familiar independent media personalities were nowhere to be seen, before a range of conspiracy theories began running wild when some finally checked in to report ‘no activity’ for the day.

This corroborated mainstream media reports of a ‘non-event’ on September 23, despite Victoria Police stating in their afternoon report that 92 individuals were arrested during the day.

What really happened during this blackout? Why was there a blackout of everything happening in Melbourne on this day? Why do none of the stories align with one another?

Did police used their new found powers to infiltrate and/or takeover the movement/personalities during this time? Many questions were left unanswered as the afternoon concluded.

Everyone awaited the following day, now with media restrictions lifted, to see what had occurred.

More Details Revealed

Some personalities of the Melbourne movement began to emerge online after the livestream ban was reversed, and technical issues in the area were resolved with Telstra and others.

As can be seen explained in the following clip, it does seems that suspicions activity did in fact occur under the dystopian cover of darkness on September 22 in Melbourne:

Joel was one of two main livestreamers broadcasting at the Siege at the Shrine on September 22 — the day before Melbourne’s blackout occurred. On this day, counter-terrorism was unleased.

It was suspected that this new escalation in police tactics would be used on an intelligence front.

In the video above, Joel confirms that telecommunications were down during the day, and that protesters were in fact in the city — a stark contrast to some narratives being presented.

He describes how the movement has been infiltrated, and this was confirmed by other personalities.

Joel says protesters spent the day of the blackout avoiding the police through the city, attempting to hide their locations and meet up to discuss plans in person. A cat and mouse game was happening.

Joel claims at the end of the video that the group will be back tomorrow. However, it seems it was perhaps too late for the movement at this point, as more issues begin to arise the following day.

The events over the next few days would all but confirm the worst suspicions of everyone.


September 24: The Morning

When emerging from the Melbourne blackout on Thursday morning, things already appeared to look very different for campaigners on the ground.

From the beginning of the day, several different locations were suspiciously leaked on communication channels of the movement, to which leading figures said they were infiltrated.

At the same time, some individuals were receiving knocks on their door from the Thought Police. One video emerged showing a man being confronted by police for ‘welfare checks’ on his activities:

Counter-intelligence intel paying citizens a visit for daring to defy medical directives of the state.

This is the state of Victoria in 2021, ladies and gentlemen.

How many more were confronted during this time? Or during the blackout, for that matter?

As the morning kicked off (for those that made it out), many tuned in to regular livestream feeds from campaigners on the ground, who all were in different locations searching for each other.

Most walked around searching for each other to no avail due to the location confusion.

To this notion, even the mainstream media was aware of this division early in the morning, adding further weight to these claims that the establishment was watching heavily.

Whatever operations that were undertaken by authorities during the blackout were certainly working, as the group now finds itself divided, and trapped in the suburbs in the face of police.

One small group managed to band together in Northcote, before authorities moved in quickly.

TOTT News gives you the full series of events from this day and beyond.


Northcote Plaza

After several locations were suspiciously leaked, police began to stalk small groups of freedom protesters trying to join together in Northcote, an outer suburb of Melbourne.

The police quickly surrounded Northcote Plaza with a massive unit of officers.

Riot police also arrive on the scene, forcing innocent bystanders back into the shopping plaza and preventing them from leaving the local area. Again, these were NOT protesters:

An alternative angle of the altercation filmed by another local citizen:

One older lady looks visibly distressed as authoritarian police demands she return inside:

Police not only surround the plaza, but begin to storm through in search of protesters:

Some arrests were made early — both on protesters and bystanders who didn’t follow directions:

Chased through the park..

The only livestream in the ground, broadcasted by Joel, showed the protest group subsequently retreat to the park and outer suburb streets — being stalked by a wall of police through Northcote.

Many bystanders who lived inside of this local LGA looked on in shock, with many families and children in the park as police storm through to protect their health.

Arrests made, livestream deleted

Police swarmed the park, advancing closer and making arrests in the process.

As the group runs into the distance, Joel successfully passes back past the police as an independent media personality on the ground documenting the event.

Joel was set to return home, however, this freedom was short lived.

Upon moving further up the road, minutes after just being cleared by police in the park, heavily militarised riot squad members confront Joel, demanding papers and screaming at traffic.

Joel was arrested shortly after this and the full livestream was taken down.

The clips provided are some that remain captured from those who managed to save copies.

Day 5 of freedom protests was squashed by the police state.

These scenes painted a very concerning picture about Melbourne’s freedom efforts.

Gone were previous days of turning up to the city in great numbers and marching. Now, we see a group intentionally divided and stalked in the suburbs — before they even made it to the city.

Counter-terrorism knew they could match protesters physically, so they used their intelligence capabilities to disrupt and ensure no further action could be taken.

No violence, no incitement towards the police — just a group trying to leave their local area.

They couldn’t even get off the ground. Not to mention that hundreds had already been arresting during the week so far, being fired at by police with non-lethal projectiles on multiple occasions.

Concerns of a blackout conspiracy had become the dominant talking point at this point.

Thousands could of emerged on the 24th after the blackout had ended, ending all suspicions about a major operation that had smashed the movement. However, this didn’t happen.

The movement had been smashed.

If this type of policing did happen during the blackout as well, who knows what went on.

Once again, many questions began to arise, specifically concerning independent media.



One major talking points of blackout events on the 23rd centered around questions relating to independent media coverage and claims on the day.

The Real Rukshan, in particular, was accused of being an operative of the state by some, and/or a victim of police that had taken over his account and silenced by others.

TOTT News explored some of these questions to help all parties involved, present and future, avoid the prying eyes of Big Brother — whatever the circumstance.

Rukshan did emerge once again early in the morning during the day of the Northcote Standoff, squashing rumours that he had been imprisoned or taken away by authorities.

However, Rukshan was in the wrong location for most of the day.

He was in the CBD from early in the morning, filming police stopping residents and asking for their identification/purpose for being in the city. All while protesters could not even make it to the city:

Avi also emerged in the CBD. A recent report highlights how the media was blocking journalists trying to film arrests on this morning, as police were asking people for their papers.

However, this was not where the action was taking place.

Rukshan did eventually show up at the Plaza. However, by the time he did, he had missed most of the action — filming police arresting citizens at the end of the day.

As can be seen, most of the mainstream media was also here for this little display, with arrests not even clear if they were in fact protesters or just those who had refused orders.

This lead many of Rukshan’s 200,000 followers to conclude that nothing was occurring.

However, as the recap of Northcote provided by TOTT News shows, there was certainly events happening on that day. There was certainly a group of protesters. Yet, how many know this?

Once again, theories begin to emerge online in relation to Rukshan’s shift of tone from on-the-ground marching with groups, to sitting in the CBD and alignment with MSM’s late arrival.

If Rukshan is in fact still out and about, why wasn’t he on the ground?

Perhaps Rukshan, if not a part of this system, is aware of something that everyone else isn’t.

Was a gag order put on independent media? Were sources like Rukshan and Avi directed by false media information to arrive in the city? Why were they not on the frontlines in the park?

The counter-intelligence blackout has left many questions.

The police force admitted they have been watching Rukshan’s feed as intel over the last few days:

Once again, Rukshan’s coverage doesn’t paint the full picture of events on the day, now leading the public to believe there has been two consecutive days of non-action.

Operative or not; gag order or not, this certainly hurt the momentum of “every day” passion. Not necessarily from ill intent, but from the fact most of the world are watching these streams.

If they couldn’t be there, I would love for these events in the park to be discussed by the outlets.

THIS is when the ‘media’ is needed more than ever.

The mainstream narrative shows ‘violent thugs’ descending and instigating violence.

But what happens when small groups are just trying to get around their own area?

This is what the world needs to see, just as much as chaos in the city, to understand the agenda.

Police efforts are offensive, not defensive.

They were always designed to squash any opposition to restrictions, not as a reaction to protests.

This is reinforced due to the fact that these independent outlets were nowhere to be seen on the next day after Northcote, as police advanced once again on protesters trying to use their voice.


NWO occupation is confirmed

Protesters, determined to get their message across, once again attempted to return for action the following day, as part of MMAMVA demonstrations across the country.

This time, with no independent media on the ground, they were left to fend for themselves.

Thankfully, with no media blackout, people who were present managed to get some footage and photos out to the public — demonstrating once again the NWO stranglehold on Melbourne.

The location was to be dropped at the very last minute. However, this seemed ineffective.

To begin the day, police has once again infiltrated chat groups and formed a heavy presence in the new location: Luna Park Melbourne, in the suburb of St. Kilda:

Protesters were stunned at the speed police took to arrive in the local area:

Their location had been exposed earlier, with police moving in to swoop shortly after arriving.


The chase begins..

The group began heading towards the original location, before being met by police that had already scouted their meeting location the moment it had dropped.

Freedom protesters were forced to abandon their plans for Luna Park, now aimlessly walking through the St. Kilda area to avoid police that were descending:

The group was cornered to the beach of St. Kilda, where police began to surround protesters.

Cornered and arrested..

Massive numbers of officers began to move in on St. Kilda beach, leaving almost nowhere for the small group of campaigners to go. The entire beach was now occupied by police forces.

The police began moving in and arresting those that they could:

One pregnant lady was separated from her partner and both were arrested:

One local resident, who said he was a surgeon, looked on in disgust and was told to move on by police. As he did so, he told them: “We’re not in East Berlin, we are in Melbourne”:

Once again, these scenes paint a chilling picture of what the freedom movement has been reduced too in Melbourne, as well as the true intentions and nature of this police force.

This small group of protesters, not instigating any violence, were confronted the moment they released any plans to meet, before being stalked and arrested by a large force at St. Kilda.

No independent media was on the ground to capture these events, leaving the freedom movement to face the full force of the authoritarian system with no insight or support.

All for daring to question guidelines, not wear a mask and/or attempt to protest for freedom.

These events not only confirm the worst suspicions of those watching demonstrations, but also confirm the long-suspected international takeover of Melbourne.

Like Sydney, Melbourne has become a totalitarian police state — now no longer hiding.


Melbourne has become the blueprint of a Brave New World of authoritarian control.

The fact that counter-terrorism is infiltrating protest movements, potentially compromising independent journalists, and chasing citizens through the suburbs, should concern everyone.

The focus of the world still remains on the chaotic scenes witnessed earlier in the week, but I would argue the events that occurred after are just as important — if not more.

These groups weren’t bringing the city to a standstill, or throwing objects at police, or breaking through lines of officers — they were simply trying to meet up with one another.

Freedom is officially no longer allowed in the state of Victoria, unless it is false illusions of freedom permitted under the ‘new normal’ way of life. This has now been confirmed.

The blackout served its purpose: To squash momentum, to squash discussion, and to infiltrate, divide, hunt and censor those who are on the ground. Welcome to the NWO, Melbourne.

Joel has confirmed that his current communications will be shut down due to this operation, with the group to take a break and work out how they will exercise their fundamental rights.

What a time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to see so-called independent media outlets address these concerns, which they haven’t so far — continuing to re-cycle older news from larger protests, while ignoring these events.

Fair enough if you couldn’t physically be there, but an analysis/update for audiences is necessary.

Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, mainstream media continue their assault on the narrative.

Now claiming one or two protesters have tested positive and were put in hospital following demonstrations, while John Setka — the main who sold out his union — has also gone into isolation after ‘contracting the virus’. He is fully vaccinated and was against the movement, remember.

The masses are filled with responses of anger to this news, blaming the movement for ‘spreading the virus’ (for the first time ever in 18 months) and claiming this will extend lockdown measures.

A psychological media operation to further discredit the campaign, while the real culprits keeping people locked down are out stalking small groups of people who just want their freedoms back.

Even a group of peaceful, silent nurses, were moved on by Victoria Police on Monday.

Sydney was the first to fall. Under heavily military occupation, protesters have been unable to reach the city and link up for months now. Today, the same can now be said for Melbourne.

Other movements should take note of the events of Melbourne when facing their own issues.

It was once said the problem with Australia isn’t that fact so many are descended from convicts, but the fact that so many are descended from prison guards.

Australia, the test ground of techno-fascism, is becoming more foreign with each day.


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  1. This reminds me so much of a few biblical quotes that I will expand here at the risk of being ridiculed by some.

    “And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the
    beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

    Indeed, who can make war with him? No one can make war against the beast from Rome, who is now in control of everything and was given his power by the dragon, except Michael the Archangel. I am not sure when it is going to dawn on people that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    As long as people think they can fight the spiritual powers of darkness when they are mere flesh and blood, they will never win. No wonder “men’s hearts are failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven are being shaken.” The battle is not ours but it is God’s. Keep waiting and watching. People are being prepared for the looming Climate change Sunday lockdown.

    1. To understand the current intelligence operations we need only to understand the past intelligence operations.

      Why were these photos of 1Sqn carefully selected for release to the public?

      They look the least like the 1Sqn boys seen by witnesses at PA and on the 96 live msm broadcast which have been suppressed for 90yrs.

  2. Very concerning developments indeed, but not surprising non-the-less we know what the capabilities of the police and government are! The question is where do we go from here?

  3. I would be with these protesters in a heartbeat if I could… stay strong & VicPol hang your head in shame, there will come a day you will regret this

    1. Hopefully the heads of the VicPol thugs will hang, not in shame but at the end of a rope starting with Patton and Cornelius.

  4. This makes me so angry! It’s going to come to a point when people have nothing to lose and start taking out cops any way they can, with any weapon or vehicle at their disposal. It’s going to end in bloodshed on both sides! A lot of people would rather die fighting than live a miserable life as a slave, and I’m one of them!

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