November 29, 2023

8 thoughts on “Clown World Melbourne.. More Madness

  1. How dangerous is it really?
    How many people got infected?
    How many people survived with hospital care?
    How many people survived without hospital care?
    How many people under 40, 50, 60, 70 died from covid?
    How many flu deaths since covid?
    I had covid in Mar 2021, 55yo, overweight(ish), smoker, non drinker, no drugs (illegal), no big pharma (except for surgery). Infection lasted 4 days. Woke day 1 with super dry throat & lungs in pain when deep breathing (medium), pain eased 95% remaining stationary (lying down). Ditto day 1 for days 2, 3 & 4. Went to sleep night 4 & woke day 5 & completely gone. No gradual improvement.
    I’ve never worn a mask & since recovery I’m 100% fine.
    Total amount scammed from me by doctors & big pharma = ZERO!
    That’s hard cold facts without any embellishment.


    From a real person who isn’t religious, isn’t political (never voted) & who doesn’t watch commercial TV (incl ABC & SBS)

  2. Where were the cops when construction workers protested today? They are fuhrer Dan’s mates so they can do as they please. I didn’t vote for John “womanbasher” Setka to run this state.

  3. Can’t agree that “It is starting to get absurd at this point”. That point was reached in early April 2020. The Vacci-Nation of Ozcatraz became a sick joke and the laughing stock of the world months ago.

    No-one better than JLB to make the already ridiculous Vic Police Commissar and a couple of charlatan “medical scientists” look even more ludicrous. It reminds me of point #2 of my “13 reasons not to take the covid ‘vaccine'”:

    “Official ‘virologists’, ‘epidemiologists’, ‘infectious diseases experts’ and ‘public health officials’ are mostly not genuine scientists, are not to be trusted and are usually corrupted by Gates/Big pHARMa funding.”

  4. SOOo Melbourne police Chief/ Anti protest Commander whatever, is missing the SS Lapels off His Uniform. Perhaps a nice Red Left arm Band, possibly with a white Circle & a crazy Sand Script Black cross. I’m sure his Millinery designer could maybe put a Skull/ Cross bones tastefully decorate his Aryan good looks.& his FULL Black Uniform. Maybe wear THE Hat with the Fashionable off Centre Technique, to accentuate his Boyish good Looks.
    Apologies to former Waffen SS personnel still alive for Current ‘Pretenders’ to the Throne’ on the Backbone Ingredient.
    Coming soon to Clown world, detention/Re Education Centres – Sorry quarantine Centres, with upgraded Merit badges for ‘Guards & Medics’ to SD Status. [WHOOPS, ALREADY THERE! Must be the Positive P.R from our Aryan Virgin White Wash Status MS & Social Media Platforms.]
    Adolph Would be Proud! Yippy Kai Yay!
    Mad Boys, Mad Boys, What Ya gonna Do What Ya gonna do when they come for You,
    Mad Boys, Mad Boys, What Ya Gonna do when Ya in the Poo?
    Dan, found that COVID Tested Poo Yet Mate? – Anyone?
    YO, IT’S CRUSTIE! Er is that The Poo, or Clown World Representative?
    SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT ARENA! 1 is an Advanced Life Form, the Other ISN’T. Wonder which one? LOL!

    Off World observations;
    “Tonight on Martian Comedy CH 6, we have HUMUNGOUS,HUMAN HUMUS, Direct From Planet Earth, at an Out Post of a Continent Called Australia. OH, Exaggerated Physics Martians, ALL SHIT [Human Excreta] apparently due to Gravitational Forces [& the fact that their Politicians look at a Desk mounted Model globe of Planet Earth, & Mistake this for Real Science – WE Already ‘MOONED’ You], flows DOWN, Hence the Current Situation in THE Obscure Down under [Mistaken Southern Planetary Gravity Zone] Outpost Called Mel Born! Apologies little Green 1.5Ers [Apparent Earthling View of Martian anatomy(Alternate View by Mel, Born in Australia & Acting in Movie ‘Signs’ – SO apparently WE’ve travelled to Earth, We’re 2.1 metres in height & Athletic, have Attacked ‘Them’ thru a Coal chute, & just want to ‘Eat THEM’! HA,HA,HA! We only wanted some Coal, to make a ‘Dark Matter’ Smoothie – HA,HA,HA!}]
    “Back to Shit Flowing Down Fellow Greenies; According to Current ‘Outpost Victoria’ Top Buffoon, We believe Earthlings call this Entity ‘League of Shit’, Apologies, that IS ‘Leadership’, & this ‘Leadership’ according to OUR Reliable Intelligence, IS THE MAIN VIRUS! According to Observations, THE League of Shit, Sorry, ‘Leadership’ wanders aimlessly looking for Hosts to Parasite on, in this case Victorians, laying waste to, or Incapacitating vast Numbers of them, before moving on to the next Host. Whilst awaiting Termination of THE Host, THE ‘Virus’ keeps future Hosts ‘Locked Up’, in an Apparent State Program called ‘Host-age’! Unlike Martians, Apparently ALL Ages of Humans,are Not ‘Immune’ to this ‘Virus’, sometimes setting aside Whole Entertainment Stadiums for Future Candidates.
    NEWS JUST IN! Clown World ‘Parasiting’, has Reversed Trend, & gone against Apparent Pre Conceived Gravity, North, to another outpost called ‘NEW South Whales’ – %$#&@**(@!_? “Sorry! Conferring with our Linguistics Expert, that IS New South Wales, & their current Clown world Representitive, Er, Um, Is that ‘Glad We’ve buried a Jinx Then? Sorry NO! It’ is, Glad ataBears Jugular! That Can’t be Right! According to 1 of our Greenie Audience in ‘Earth English Language’, Gladys means Land/Nation. SOLVED!! Her Name is Gladys Has Her Land/Nation by Jugular! -Apt! & ALL by the Power of WANK[ Apologies, Uninvited PRE Disclosure of Future Awards- WHO accessed that Envelope?]
    That’s it for tonight Fellow Greenies, Be with us next week for our Next CLOWN WORLD Foray on the Ongoing, Surreal Shenanigans on ‘Continent Australia CON JOB 19 Survivor’, when we Check The WHOS WHO, of the Main ‘League of Shit’ Contenders, ALL Vying for the WANK Cup, YO YOU GOT IT Viewing Greenies, THAT’S -Without Actual Nominal Knowledge! YOU ACRONYMERS,YOU! HEY HEY!
    & Followed by The Premier Event Of Inter Galactic Golden Buffoon Awards! The Afore Mentioned Candidates currently appear to Be Light Years ahead!
    I’m your Host @#$%^^&^*21%$^^, Saying BUNG FUNG, & a Slight KOOL KOOL KA CHOOL!
    Next Time!”

      1. Mel – Peekskill USA apparently
        There:s an interesting sounding name for a town. Wonder how that’s worked for them now? Clown aspect references to Mel COMIC license only. Sorry not COMIC acronym ( my) Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex. ALREADY @ Continent near us.

    1. P.S.

      Otherwise your spot on 😉

      Still to watch Signs actually. I have it downloading via a Peer-to-Peer application but it still has 4429GB to go.

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