December 6, 2023

8 thoughts on “Queensland builder unions oppose mandatory vaccination push

    1. A strong Transport Worker’s Union (TWU) would oppose also, yet displays weakness and has stated it will not support members who face unemployment because of this Government stance.

  1. this is great news. the gov plan to eventually mandate without actually mandating it by the use of industry/business and also by making air and ground travel between states impossible.

  2. hold on everyone for just 1 second…

    i’ve been following new feeds on totts without comment for a while but had to say something again

    why is no one, and i mean no one, including commentors here on totts are overlooking the actual fact that there is NO con-vid vaxx approved or authorised or licensed, not here or anywhere else on the planet. but everyone is arguing about whether to get vaxxed or not & why/why not it should be mandatory?

    SPC says all staff must get vaxxed, OK then, which vaxx has been approved in aus?

    qantas dickhead ceo, claims he will mandate vaxx for his staff, again what vaxx has been approved for him to say this?

    the govt ie; ScoMo, says its up to companies to decide. what the fuck does that mean dickhead?

    it’s either lawful or it is not, that’s it. if you don’t know, say so & let someone that does say it.

    the bigger thing being overlooked about the con-vid cases argument is that the PCR test is not fit for purpose as said by its inventor bc it all depends on the number of cycles that a sample of anything is run through the test. need more cases to push your agenda?, raise the cycles. need to show your restrictions are working? drop the cycles, simple. guess who bought the UK pcr test company… bill ‘fucking’ gates

    but… the biggest thing or CON being perpetrated is that con-vid19 has never, ever been isolated, ever! the PCR is dependent on corona type fragments that weren’t even taken from actual people believed to have con-vid. they were taken from monkeys & lab animals that were infected with human viruses that gave the so called scientists data for computer modelling that determined it was a new virus. fuck me, how fucking arrogant & sanctimonious are these leaches?

    sorry, but you’ve all been focussing on the micro details & have overlooked the blatantly obvious slight of hand where the propagandists have moved the narrative to exactly where they want it

    sure, the state govts will look like they are being tough on the supposed plandemic & have it out at national cabinet for shits & giggles just to appease the gen.pop. but the scam is working bc pro & anti vaxx sides are at eachothers throats on the yes or no jab debate

    we who know that this is all a game to get the gen. pop. vaxxed asap for whatever agenda is next on the greater plan for total obedience to our overlords have been doing our research since day 1.

    all the signs are there if you know how to see them. i’m not worried about whether the truth will come out one day bc the truth is already out in plain sight given by those same overlords that are pushing their agendas, yes agendas. convid is not the only game in town so wake up & take a wider, much wider perspective of what has happened, is happening & you will see where it will lead to more or less.

    follow the money is part of it, but also look at who is connected to whom. from the lowest shit kicker to the highest so called elite scum you believe is in charge. there are families, cults (religious groups), industries, ngo’s & of course govts that rely on all of them at the same time or individually, they are all connected by faith, money, greed, blackmail, threat of exposure/death or just fucking psycho.

    there are always ways around any rules or restrictions, always! find a non-compliant doctor/pharmacist/nurse for the vaxx & get your vaxx recorded without being vaxxed. pay them, help them, date them, whatever you can get away with. then you’re free to flaunt your immunity without being poisoned.

    there’s a million more things i want to say but not enough time to say it in 1 post



  3. To reinforce what Bob is saying:

    Freedom of Information Responses on CoV – 2 Now Called CoV – 19
    (There is NO VIRUS!)

    Dawn Lester & David Parker – What Really Makes You Ill.epub

    The theory of virology is false as is germ theory!

    Dr. Stefan Lanka en el “WISSENSCHAFFTPLUS – Das Magazin” de 6/2015 – Dismantling the Virus Theory. 4 pages.

    ‘The Contagion Myth. Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease’ by Dr. Thomas S. Cowan, MD y Sally Fallon Morell [2020]. 246 pages.–jzkzRu4q-6_bZm_nYckw/view?usp=sharing

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