November 29, 2023

22 thoughts on “Claims by Dan Andrews about ‘COVID in sewerage’ are not true

  1. Dan is as dishonest as he is dangerous. He’s the sort of idiot who calls paramedics when somebody bumps their head and says “ow”, then escalates the situation to cover his stupidity and impulsiveness. Do we really want somebody quite so fearful and trigger happy in charge? Seems a bit dangerous to me. He should be locked in a padded cell with soothing music for his own protection I think, lest he jump at his own shadow and… bumps his head.

    1. You are far too kind.

      The Sack of Shit, along with all the other cohorts involved in this fraud including the thugs in the police, needs to be dragged out of office and beaten to pulp before being incarcerated for life with Hard Labour.

      1. Well, I don’t support violence, not least because governments like to provoke violence since that is a game they are good at winning. That said, were I to see Dan being disemboweled by an angry mob on Collins St I think I might not find it in me to try and save him. Personally, I would be satisfied were he to spend the rest of his life in that padded cell while we enjoy our rightful freedom, but I accept others will disagree.

        1. Interesting that you mention “disemboweled” because that is exactly what is awaiting most of those leaders who have agreed to play the game of the NWO with the Elitist ( driven by Lucifer ) and deceived the whole world and committed this genocidal atrocities.

  2. The problem is arguing whether a lockdown is justified based on ‘numbers’. Andrew’s said ‘fragments’ without quantifying what that is. It turns out there were no ‘fragments’, so no justification for lockdowns. Does that mean we play into their little game if they can dig deeper into the sewage system to find more ‘fragments’? If so, will that mean “1.5 million people in Regional Victoria will be justifiably under house arrest”?

    1. A good point to raise, Hamish.

      I use the term ‘justification’ very loosely, moreso referring to whether they actually have a narrative behind their actions or not. Increasingly, we are just seeing nothing behind it.

      But, you are right, the language can be used in deceptive ways and turned back against if it is normalised. ‘X is justified, while Y is not justified’. I see your point!

      We all know that none of this is ‘justified’ in reality, even with stories!

      Will have to come up with an alternative word to use, I think.

    2. Indeed this is the whole problem with accepting any compromise of narrative at all. Since the virus has never been isolated, if we pretend we accept there is a virus, then they can move the goalposts to wherever they like. People can argue “oh, ok, it’s a virus, but it isn’t that deadly” for a while. But then all the govt need to do is crank up the test cycles (again) and hand out some more midazolam and suddenly it’s deadly once more and nobody will listen to us. So let’s be clear: there is no virus, and they know it, and they are lying. If I’m wrong, somebody sue me – PLEASE! Let’s get this out in the open.

  3. I am a Plumbing Contractor, doing FIFO, and have been involved in Waste Water Treatment Plants for a number of years. 1] Virus ARE ALWAYS in SHIT! The Planet is literally covered in a layer of SHIT/Virus! This has only been around since we slimed out of the primordial Ooze, [OR, The almighty ‘IS’ [not the U.S./Israeli/NATO/UAE asset, but the ‘GOD’ Thing] dropped us on this 3rd Rock from the Sun. THIS IS NORMAL – A sea of Shit! Virus are NOT a living organism, different to Fungi & Bacteria. The Virus we operate with are Symbiotic – Unless ‘Someone bangs a ‘Gain of Function’ up their Arse! Sorry, my mistake. Virus do not have an arse! I’ve mixed this up with Current Local Political / Media Representation! Apologies to ALL Virus for the Denegration by Association!
    2] By WHAT ‘means’/ Proper ‘SCIENCE’/Method, did Obergruppen Fuhrer Dan [Maybe his other Partner in W.A. @ same Uneducated Science/ Medical Status, a one Obergruppen Fuhrer Mark], ‘Positively’ Identify THE VIRUS [May want to ask this of ANYONE, Purporting to HAVE INDEPENDENTLY/POSITIVELY/SCIENTIFICALLY/ ‘ISOLATED’ SEQUENTIAL DNA , specifically The Virus tagged SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 as ‘NEW DISEASE’, different to our STANDARD Corona Virus [Common Standard yearly Cold/Flu], as a ‘Marker’ for THE ‘ALLEGED’ finding of COVID-19 in waste water?????? The Complete Sequential Coding of Virus such as Corona Virus /Flu/Pneumonias are SOOO Identical, it’s akin to going to a car dealer, finding a Million cars,same manufacturer/Model/Colour/ Options/wheels all identical, & picking 1 as the ‘Odd one out’!
    How have they done This in Waste Water? Anyone At all? AND, ALSO, How is it NOT, ‘Shedding from Skin, or Waste Products’ from the Recipients of mRNA [non] > ‘Vaccines’ such as Pfizer & Moderna, seeing THIS IS HOW THEY ACTUIALLY ‘WORK’? DAN, or MARK! You’ve got the Floor! Answers please OH GREAT ONES! I COWER IN YOUR PRESENCE, AWED BY YOUR COLLECTIVE KNOWLEDGE OF THE ‘SCIENCE’ OF ‘SHIT’ [ALL]!
    Wellness to all – Actually Maybe NOT Dan & his Sewer Pooper Troopers.

    1. Sorry again, forgot to add. WHY ‘Specifically Wangaratta Sewerage Treatment Plant’? Is this the ONLY treatment System around? OR is it ANOTHER ‘Testing’ avenue/Tool for ‘Dedicated Lock Downs’, like the Fraudulent RT-PCR tests?

      1. Victoria Alert! State wide ‘TURD HUNT’! Police are looking for a ‘Person of Interest’ – WANTED; ‘Rogue COVID TURD’!
        Last seen ‘Circulating’ in Aeration/ Decant tank disguised as Bio Mass, Wangaratta Sewerage Treatment Plant Exclusion Zone.
        Be on the lookout for Alpha Turd, description provided by Special Turd Task Forces ‘Operation STOOLEY!’
        Supposedly approx 1850 mms Tall, Approx 90-100 Kgs, Pale Complexion with a bland look, ‘Dribbles ‘Shit’, a COVID ‘lock down’ Soothsayer, Normally wearing a dark suit, usually wears Glasses when NOT in disguise, passes himself off as a ‘Medical professional’, Suffers from ‘Emperor’ itis Delusion, Persons approaching this entity may find him a bit ‘on the Nose’! Local Police have now been given the Right to enter Anywhere, without ‘Just Cause’, or Lawful Warrant’ to hunt down this Turd!
        Local Media Groups have tagged him ‘The Ace of Spades’, because of His direct involvement in Killing Off Health, Humanity, Democracy, Economics & Evicting last Contents of ‘Pandora’s Box, where ever he goes. Wears Medusa’s Head as disguise @ parties, & for ‘Party’. Call Police Media or TURD STOPPERS response 24/7 NOW if you have any information on TURD’s whereabouts. Goes by Alias of ‘Dan THE Man’.
        And now a State Security Address.
        “Our Number 1 ‘Priority’ is your Health & Safety. Remain Calm. When using Toilets, place lid in Closed position after ‘Performance’ to save on ‘PANic’.
        Thankyou for your Co operation!”
        Collect your Social Merit badge to add to your collection, by ‘Dobbing in’ DAN, or other Turds! & remember Hygiene & Social Distancing, ARE, the best way forward Together APART!
        Wellness to US. Who’d notice another Madman in current Turd Environment?

        1. Hahaha!

          Which reminds me: if you ever go to a doctor and say you think you caught something from a toilet seat, they laugh and tell you it’s impossible.

          Until now.

          Now you can apparently catch something from somebody simply walking down the street; something so deadly you need to have a test to know you’ve got it: except that it has variants that are so deadly and stealthy they can’t be picked up on the tests, they haven’t decided all the symptoms – even when it gives you symptoms, which is practically never. And worst of all, it has asymptomatic carriers who can’t pass it on, apparently, but still have it and are still carriers; despite no symptoms, no test, and no contagion. It’s THAT sneaky. We should be soooooooooo afraid.

          Turds, schmurds: it’s the piss the lady taketh, methinks.

          1. Latest Update on ‘Turd Hunt’.
            Victorian Police have left NO stone unturned in their efforts to find Alpha Turd! Calling in Resources far & wide, including the Most ‘Trustworthy’ Resources circulating Currently – THE ‘FACT CHECKERS’!! In an UNbiased Evaluation, Director Mr Smiley Tedros, spoke Exclusively to Local Victorian Media reporters!
            Reporting Live from H.Qs of TaskForce “Operation STOOLEY’:
            “S.Tedros has just informed me in an ‘Exclusive Interview’ ,in regards to State wide Alpha Turd hunt that it IS ‘Possible’ to stack Shit @ least 185 cms tall, as long as it is encapsulated in an Inflexible outer casing! And also, as an exclusive, Wanted Turds across this Nation & the World, have now been designated by assignment of a Playing Card ‘Value’, just like the ‘Ace of Spades’, proven to be SO popular for short attention Span Populations! Harkening back to the Classic same as the Ever Popular Gulf War! Special Collectable sets of these cards are Available via our Web page @ WANK. Com! It’s back to our News Centre. This is your on the spot reporter Allan Jackal, For WesternAlliancesNewsKnowers, Signing off!”
            Also available for our Supporters @ WANK News outlet, an Exclusive Overlay of Local Sewerage Treatment Systems Schemmatic so you can Trace Turds History from Start to finish. Play ‘Where’s Dan in THE System’, and score Social Credits!
            Wellness. I’ve gotta stop drinking the Tap water. Hang on, I DON’T!

  4. What people need to do is subpoena the chief health officers in every state to prove that they have evidence that the SARS-COV-2 virus has been isolated and purified. Just look what happen in Alberta, Canada and what Patrick King was able to achieve.

    1. Alas King has distorted his own story somewhat. It’s true that they didn’t supply the evidence (and nor could they), but he still lost his case and Alberta was (apparently) opening up anyway. On skimming the story I seemed to glean that the asked for evidence was deemed irrelevant anyway (correct me if I got that wrong).

      That said, Victoria opening up in November 2020 had nothing whatsoever to do with a supreme court (or is it high court? I lose track) case from a cafe owner: the timing was merely coincidence, hem hem. There seem to be a lot of coincidences in this area.

      All the same, a lot to learn from King’s example, just need to be careful not to get too enthusiastic just yet.

  5. Good points Baked Alaska and Nathan. The virus doesn’t exist, except in the mind, where it drives the fearful towards the quax. I always laugh at that saying about con-men et al who keep getting away with what they do, viz “He could fall into a cesspit and come out smelling like a rose”. Some people seem to think this applies to Kim Jong Dan…but I think one day even he will choke on his covid-tainted lies and fail to surface in the cesspit.

    1. Well Graham, I am starting to wonder whether the “viral theory” is even real or whether we have been sold a lie from the very beginning in order to use that lie for a time and purpose such as now. Remember this was all planned over 6000 years. Can anyone prove that any virus has ever been isolated?

      Can I go a get a vial or ampoule of any standard of a “virus” that I can use as a sample for testing and therefore be used in an apparatus such as a Chromatograph? Or is is just as Dr Thomas Cowan and Dr Kauffman always insisted, viruses are only exosomes, which is nothing but the cell excretions that are released as a response to the Immune System getting rid of inflammations?

      Why is it that whilst there are antibiotics for bacterial infections, yet the medical field has always told patients that if they have a virus, the only advice is to stay home, take paracetamol for the head aches, drink hot lemon water and honey and stay in bed and there was nothing else they could do?
      Something to ponder.

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