November 27, 2022

2 thoughts on “Discussion: Government overreach, legal spider web, Census

  1. It’s a shit sandwich, so stop eating it. Disaster management Act 2003 – State of Emergency, Declaration of Disaster – all other Acts/theatre are tag teamed on to suffocate you in paperwork and legal speak. A State of Emergency declaration suspends Australian and international LAW (let that sink in), installing Acts/theatre. Installing a ‘totalitarian government‘ allowing them to appoint ‘authorised officers’ martial law – police, military, postman, neighbours (let that sink in).
    Check in app – this is another shit sandwich, so stop eating it. Private businesses have the right to refuse service and apply ‘conditions of entry’ – shoes, shirt or masks. Authorised officers (see above) can arrest anyone they pick or choose not ‘playing the game’.

    Australia has been at war “War of Attrition” for 40+ years see previous comments.

    1. Well said, Gareth. I don’t wear a mask, sign in, etc. In accord with Solzhenitsyn’s theme in his essay “Live not by lies” (1974), I do not participate in lies. If I merely acquiesced to this totalitarian garbage I could not live with myself. And if my actions can provide an example to others, to enable them to summon up some courage, this is a bonus. But my prime motivation is doing what is best for me, and this will also be what is best for my grandchildren.

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