December 7, 2023

11 thoughts on “Secret State Uncovered: The Monitoring of Australia

  1. The proposed Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2020 which is currently before the Australian federal government. The amendment proposes to give the AFP and ACIC the power to add, delete or modify data, to collect data from devices, intercept communications, use surveillance, and to take over accounts.
    As if these things weren’t bad enough, the amendment also seeks to allow police unprecedented power to detain, question and otherwise remove the rights of people suspected of involvement in organising or even just attending protests, as well as for pretty much any political or quasi-political activity the government does not like.
    Orally issued “questioning warrants” are proposed which will allow police to detain, question and seize property on a preemptive basis, in other words in the absence of any actual crime. They can also remove or prevent contact with “disruptive” lawyers and select a lawyer of their own choice instead, and remove the right to silence under questioning. Suspected protest organisers can be held without charge for 28 days. Tracking devices can also be used without the need for a warrant,
    The amendment “engages with”, ie explicitly overrides, a range of constitutional human rights. This is seriously concerning stuff. The blunt instrument of protests is not effective anyway. Time for the resistance to get smart and strategic.

  2. & still the ‘Frogs’ [ Amphibious Sheep] swim around in the ‘Pot’! Apparently, according to ‘THE’ Australian Government [NOT ‘MYGOV’], THE ‘Pot’, is on ‘Simmer’ due to “lack of Resources!”. & ‘COVID’ was ‘Seen’ by a Plephora of Acronymed Government Agencies ‘Fiddling with the Gas Control Knob!’ COVID, Also seen By Bona Fide Main Stream Media Group – ‘Drowning Kittens!’ BARSTARD! Government looking @ COVID Vaccinating Family Pets! ASIO & ADD looking into Possible Sept 11 Space Based Weapon Platforms ‘LINKS’ to COVID! Victorian Police spokesman [Sorry Police LMFBQRET Carbon Based Communications] I.T.’S using ‘Special Surveillance Powers’, scanning Internet for COVID crime gang, Criminal Mastermind apparently only known as ‘Spike’,
    “We are leaving No person, Nor their Personal Information, No Constraints, even Unrelated Information, unaccessed! Every Snippet of Information IS RELEVENT! We intend to keep this Private Data, under Maximum security! Just our Police Department, ALL other Police Departments, The Security Agencies,The other Nefarious Government Agencies, Telecommunications Corporations – Obviously, Data tracking Groups, Main stream & Social Media Groups, Advertising Agencies [For Trending Intel Only],Corporate Banking Systems, Chemical & Pharma Giants, Corporate Insurance, & some Chap Called S. Protein, that I ran into @ the Gym, have access to this Private Data. So you can see we are Taking Maximum Precautions. AND, we will Destroy ALL existing records, once we’ve transferred this to a Compressed Format!”

    1. Whilst I do agree that the frogs are currently in the pot, I believe however that they are now sitting in it as the water has been upp’ed to a much higher temperature akin to that of a sauna and the amphibious sheep, as you put it, are feeling more comfortable and lethargic now and no longer have the energy to swim, due to the increast in temperature.

      The pot has been on high fire for a while now and convid19 is one of the main agenda items that was used to bring the pot to its final boiling point. Watching closely the events that are unfolding, show that the pot is no longer simmering but coming rapidly to the boil. The unfolding of the 5 stages of the vacine coercing, where we are currently in the third stage, demonstrates this with little doubt.

      The up-coming introduction of the vaccine passport, which I am sure will arrive, will be to bring on the final restrictions of not being able to “buy and sell” for those who do not comply and are not in the pot as an attempt to force them in. Added to this agenda item will be the one of crashing the ecomony, which I know will happen, since it is being openly advertised in big complanies such as the one I exchange my knowledge with. Cyber Polygon with Klaus Schwab will be to the Cyber world what Event 201 was to the convid world we live in. Climate change and the enforced day of rest is without a doubt, the final required agenda.

      As to privacy, they have had our information for decades now, even more so from the time they introduced the TFN to the time people mindlessly went onto the social media platforms and also adopted the globalists ( starting with Apple ) “computer in the hand” philosophy that was pushed under duress using the successful deception and disguise of “making life easier”. The surrendering of our rights and freedom was achieved slowly and surely with the utmost deception worthy of the only master of deception. For we fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      The rest of the amphibians, who are not willing to stay out of the pot, will gladly submit to it all to only find out too late that they have been had, when for one thing, the vaccine holocaust equal only to that of the second world war hits.

      In the final analysis, it is clear that the whole world, excluding a little group, is on board that train that is speeding down the railroad to perdition, with at its helm, the master of deception, smiling from ear to ear, who is to taking them all with him. This is now the world we live in and where it is heading.

      1. Nicely put, Legitan07. As General Maddox says, we need to get more strategic now in squashing the quax passport, etc

  3. Pretty soon we will have the same amount of rights and freedoms as the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany or East Germany i.e. none, if that isn’t the case already.

  4. Its a return to the medieval/feudal system with the Pope up top plus royalty and the rich like Bill Gates. This new system doesn’t allow for neutrality or any kind of disent. The Pope has already said that just thinking something that opposes Catholic beliefs is terrorism. You also must have the jab of a vaccine that has no official approval and in the last 5 months has already killed thousands.

    1. Well said Jeri. This is indeed a return to the dark ages of papal supremacy of between A.D 538 and A.D 1798. But this was predicted as ” a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time “. Everyone’s individuality has to be eradicated to make way for the “common good”.

  5. Wasn’t this THE script for ‘Acquiring the Apple of Eden’ [Symbolic individuality & Knowledge] – Assassins Creed? In Plain Sight – Again!
    AND, Due to release of ‘Fresh Resources, Federal Government of Australia, has procured sufficient Gas [Partially Redirected from Global Markets], to Finish local Frog Population Cook off, & has opened up, the Gas taps! Local AMA & DMIRS apparently NOT worried about ‘Safety Issues’, relating to same ‘Program’! “Approvals’ in a ‘Democracy’, are No longer required!
    All that is required are ‘Authorisations’ & Mandates. – This according to Multi Mainstream & Social Media Platforms, IS NOT the Stuff that Tyranny is Made of! “Look!, I’m holding a lovely Puppy, AND, WE have instigated a program, to stop COVID, [BOO!], Drowning Kittens! – WE, ARE, THE GOOD GUYS!” [CLICK, CLICK – Photo Opportunities Abound!]
    “Further.;Goose Stepping Classes can be catered for locally, Whilst New Neo Nazi Youth uniforms for LBQRTY Youth, are currently being Sourced from a ‘Wide & Diverse’ Foreign Slave Market, complete with ANZAC logos for a ‘Local Flavour!'”
    Apologies. You CAN’T think this ‘MAD!’ – Have a Look around @ the ‘New Normal!’
    Wellness to US.

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