Must-read books to understand the New World Order

Please take advantage of this comprehensive list of works that aim to help inform readers of what is actually happening in the world, who is behind it and the agenda for humanity.

Truth in the digital realm. Photo: WEL

The Polyergus who operate the Web of Control know humanity very well. They are adept at human nature and social control. They know collective weaknesses and failings. What captivates and excites, and also what terrorises and traumatises.

The forces behind the scenes guiding humanity through this uncertain time use their intellect and hidden knowledge to their advantage. To win this spiritual battle, we must do the same.

Knowledge is power, and the preservation of knowledge is vital. As the world continues through uncharted waters, the digital age allows information to spread fast.

The following book compilation contains abundance of unique and suppressed information. Information that can and will affect your life and/or the lives of the ones you love.

 “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

– George Orwell.

All efforts have been made to include free PDF versions of the relevant book when available.


If there are ANY books you must read in your lifetime, these are the ones:

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1932)
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (1949)
Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928)
The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind by Gustave le Bon (1895)
The Principles of Secondary Education by Alexander Inglis (1918)
Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard
Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays (1923)
Huxley: From Devil’s Disciple To Evolution’s High Priest by Adrian Desmond


List is in semi-alphabetical order based on title.

Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties, And Beyond by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain
Albertus Magnus: Egyptian Secrets, White and Black Art for Man and Beast by L.W. De Laurence
Alice A. Bailey Books
A Manual Of The Lodge by Albert G. Mackey
American Indian Freemasonry
American Guinea Pigs: Three Decade of Radiation Experiments on U.S Citizens
America’s Secret Destiny: Spiritual Vision And The Founding Of A Nation (1989) by Robert Hieronimus
An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem And Modern Democracy (1944)
Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite In 33 Degrees
A-Rosicrucian-Speaks (1965)
A Treatise On White Magic: The Way of the Disciple by Alice Bailey
American Psychiatric Association Report On The Sexualization of Girls
America’s Assignment With Destiny by Manly P. Hall
Antelman: To Eliminate the Opiate Vol_1
CIA MANUAL: A Study of Assassination (1953)
Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 by Rose Koire
Behold A Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper
Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era by Zbignew Brzezinski
Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics
Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier
Book of The Law by Aleister Crowley
The Mysteries of Freemasonry by Captain William Morgan
Chaos, Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties by Tom O’Neil 
Cloward-Piven: Democracy Strategy of Manufactured Crisis
Committee of 300 by John Coleman
Complete Essays of Aldous Huxley (2001)
Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed and John Cummings
Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins
Cyborg Insect Drones: Research, Risks, and Governance by Heraclio Pimentel Jr
Dark Agenda by David Horowitz (2019)
Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras and the Crack Cocaine Expansion by Gary Webb
Discipleship In The New Age Vol 1. by Alice A. Bailey
Discipleship In The New Age Vol 2. by Alice A. Bailey
Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger
Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie Vol. 1 by A. E. Waite
Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie Vol. II by A.E. Waite 
Drugs As Weapons Against Us by John L. Potash
Ecoscience, Population, Resources, Environment by Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne H. Ehrlich, and John P. Holdren
Education and the Social Order by Bertrand Russell
Emerging-Viruses – AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional? by Leonard G. Horowitz (1996)
Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets by Nye
Encyclopedia of the Occult and Parapsychology Vol. 1
Encyclopedia of the Occult and Parapsychology Vol. 2
Exile by Janet C. Phelan 
Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever (2004)
Federal Failure: The Miseducation of America’s Children
Foundations of the American Century: Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller and the Rise of American Power by Inderjeet Parmar
Freud: The Complete Works
Grace Commission Report (1984)
Global 2000 Report to the President
Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany
How Alfred C. Kinsey’s Sex Studies Have Harmed Women and Children by Robert H. Knight
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
How the Illuminati Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler
IBM and the Holocaust
Initiates of the Flame by Manly P. Hall
Initiates of the Flame
Inside the Company by Philip Agee
ISIS Unveiled by H.P. Blavatsky
Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter Duesberg
Kabbalah-Unveiled by S.L. Mathers
Key of Solomon by MacGregor Mathers
Kill The Messenger by Peter Landesman
Knights of Pythias: An Exposition (1890)
La femme et l’enfant dans la franc (1894)  
LA Exposed: Strange Myths and Curious Legends in the City of Angels by Paul Young
Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner
Lenin: His Life and Legacy by Dmitri Volkogonov
Limits to Growth: A Report for The Club of Rome’s Project on the
Predicament of Mankind
Liquid Conspiracy by Xaviant Haze
Liquid Conspiracy 2 by Xaviant Haze
Lucifer’s Lodge (2004) by William H. Kennedy
Magic In Theory And Practice by Aleister Crowley
Memoirs by David Rockefeller (2003)
Memoirs Illustrating The History of Jacobinis Vol. 1 by A. BARRUEL

See also: Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
Mindwar by Col. Michael Aquino
Morals And Dogma by General Albert Pike
Murder At The Vatican: The Bolshevik Pontiff
Murder By Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America by Eustace Mullins (1988)
Mystery of Babylon Series (Complete) by William Cooper
Mysteries of the Bible: Now Revealed by David Allen Louis and Jim Combs (1999)
Mysteries of Magic (1886)
Myth, Lies and Oil Wars by F. William Engdahl (2012)
Mystic Masonry (1897)
Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays by Bertrand Russell
National Security Memorandum 200 (1974) 
New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer (1918)
NEW LIES FOR OLD: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation
New World Order And the New Age Occult: Secret Destiny by Terry Melanson
None Dare Call it A Conspiracy by Gary Allen

The book that inspired Alex Jones and other personalities!

Numbers: Their Occult Power And Mystic Virtues by William Westcott
Occult Signs And Symbols by Rudolf Steiner
On the Origin of Cancer Cells by Dr. Otto Warburg
On the Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin

The book that gave birth to the eugenics vision.

Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection Vol. 1 
The Future of Socialism by Arthur Schlessinger (1947)
Pawns In The Game
People’s Tragedy: A History of the Russian Revolution by Orlando Figes (1997)
Pharmakeia: Sorcery, Witchcraft and the Roots of Modern Day Drug Industry by Dr. Scott Johnson
Physical Control of the Mind Toward a Psychocivilized Society by Jose Delgado
Proofs Of A Conspiracy by John Robison (1798)
Plato’s Republic
Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann
Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge: The Left’s Plot to Remake America (2019)
Report from Iron Mountain
Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man by J. Micha-el Thomas Hays (2013)
Ritual Offerings by Aaron Leitch
Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinksy
Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrusians by William Atkinson
Secrets of the Ages by Robert Collier
Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael A. Hoffmann II
Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars by Delamer Duverus
Scottish Rite Freemasonry
Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins
Secret Practices And Teachings of Sufi Freemasons
Secret Societies: A Complete List
The Secret Societies and European Revolutions by Thomas Frost (1876)
Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall
Secrets and Lies: A History of CIA Mind Control and Germ Warfare by Gordon Thomas
Secrets from the Vatican Library: Women by Jim Keith
Senate Investigating Committee On Education California Textbooks (1948)
Sexual Behavior In The Human Female by Alfred Kinsey
Sexual Behavior In The Human Male by Alfred Kinsey
Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis by Ludwig Von Mises
State Secrecy and Child Deaths in the US by University of San Diego School of Law
STUDY: Seeking Medical Treatment – #3 Cause of Death in US 
Survivor of Ethical Storms by Dr. Otto Warburg
Symbolism of Freemasonry by Albert Mackey
Teachings of an Initiate by Max Heindel
Technology at Work: The Future is Not What It Used to Be
Thanks For the Memories by Brice Taylor
The Age of American Un-Reason by Susan Jacoby (2008)
The Age of Intelligent Machines (1990)
The Age of Spiritual Machines (1999) 
The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley
The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson
The Art of War by Sun Tzu
The Birth of the Propaganda State: Soviet Methods of Mass Mobilization, 1917-1929 by Peter Kenez (1985)
The Book of Going Forth by Night by Michael Aquino
The Challenge of Man’s Future by Harrison Brown (1954)
The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Marchet
The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
The Conquest Of Happiness by Bertrand Russell
The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
The Crescent and the Compass by Angel Millar
The Crime And Punishment of I.G. Farben by Joseph Borkin
The Dark Brotherhood by Dr. Stanley Monteith
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America by Charlotte Iserbyt
The Falsification of Science: Our Distorted Reality by John Hamer
The First Global Revolution: A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider  
The Fraternitas Saturni: History, Doctrine and Rituals of the Magical Order of the Brotherhood of Saturn by Stephen E. Flowers
The Holy Bible
The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell 
The Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece (1908) by Three Initiates (1862-1932)
The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington by Jennet Conant (2009)
The killing of Uncle Sam: The Demise of the United States of America by Paul Williams
The Kinsey Reports – 1948 & 1953 to Today: Fraudulent Science Based Legal Reform Eliminates Protections For Women And Children In All US State Criminal Codes by Judith Reisman Ph.D.
The Law That Never Was by Bill Benson  
The Liepzig Connection: Sabotage of the US Education System by Paulo Lionni
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry by Manly P. Hall
The Manly P. Hall Archives
The New Freedom by Woodrow Wilson (1913)
The New World Order by HG Wells (1939)
The New World Order by Ralph Epperson
The Order of Skull and Bones by Antony Sutton
The People Shapers by Vance Packard (1977)
The Place of Enchantment: British Occultism and the Culture of the Modern by Alex Owen (2006) 
The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (1905)
The Quran
The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs
The Road to Serfdom with Intellectuals and Socialism by Freidrich A. Hayek 
The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen
The Rothschild Dynasty by John Coleman (2006)
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin: Book 1
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin: Book 2
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin: Book 3
The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P. Hall (1944)
The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky
The Secret Life of a Satanist by Blanche Barton
The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries
The Sexual Wilderness by Vance Packard (1968)
The Shadows of Power by James Perloff (1988)
The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology (2005)

An eye-opening detailing of the transhumanist agenda.

The Sync Book: Myths, Magic, Media, and Mindscapes

The staple book for the important field of syncromysticism. Follow the Signs.

The Singularity And Human Destiny
The Soviet Union and the United Nations
The Structured Torah (1917)
The Tarot by MacGregor Mathers (1888)
The Tavistock Institute by Daniel Estulin
The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler
The Truth About Rockefeller by Emanuel M. Josephson (1964)
The United States Is Still A British Colony
The Unseen Hand
The Vatican Connection by Richard Hammer
The Waste Makers by Vance Packard (1960)
The Racial Psychology Behind the Anti-White Hatred Sweeping the West
The Wise Men
The World Government
The World Order by Eustace Mullins
Trade With the Third Reich – National Archives
Trading With The Enemy by Charles Higham
Tragedy And Hope: A History of the World In Our Time by Carroll Quigley
Transcripts of William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon Series
Treatise of Sexual Alchemy by Samuel Aun Weor
United Nations: Agenda 21
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Antony C. Sutton
Wall Street and FDR by Antony C. Sutton
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Antony C. Sutton
War Is A Racket by General Smedley Butler
Weapons Systems and Political Stability by Carroll Quigley
Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon by David McGowan
What is to be Done by Vladimir Lenin
11 Luciferian Points of Power by Michael W. Ford
1666 Redemption Through Sin: Global Conspiracy in History, Religion, Politics and Finance by Robert Sepehr

Thank you to Howard Nema and for their great efforts to preserve these important books in the digital age. Expanding minds with new ideas in this era.


The following is a list of books from some of our friends of the website!

What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong by David Parker and Dawn Lester

Listen to the pair speak about the nature of viruses and this book on Episode #53 of the General Knowledge Podcast.

Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine: Exposting Systematic Violence During Hospital Birth and the Hijacking of Human Love
by Jeanice Barcelo
The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation by Jeanice Barcelo

The book that changed Ethan’s life. Listen to Ethan speak with Jeanice about her groundbreaking discoveries on January’s Member Circle Podcast.

Vacci-Nation: Australia’s Loss of Health Freedom by Dr. Judy Wilyman

Listen to Judy speak about the vaccine saga in Australia and this book on Episode #51 of the General Knowledge Podcast.

50 Human Studies, in Utero, Conducted in Modern China, Indicate Extreme Risk for Prenatal Ultrasound: A New Bibliography by Jim West
DDT/Polio: Virology vs Toxicology by Jim West

Listen to Ethan speak with Jim about his research on chemicals, viruses and ultrasounds on September 2020’s Member Circle Podcast.

Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Köhnlein, MD.

Listen to the pair discuss deceptions of the medical industry on Episode #49 of the General Knowledge Podcast.

Do you have any recommendations?

What books influenced you the most?

Make sure to leave a comment below!

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26 comments on “Must-read books to understand the New World Order”

      1. I was aware of the freemasonry since the 1990s from a good friend of mine who was killed because of what he exposed. Freemasonry originates from the time of Nimrod who was the “warrior” who built the tower of babel.

        God came down to investigate the tower of Babel and put an end to it by confounding the language but Nimrod then started the secret societies and the secret signs. Their reasoning behind it, was that God could not stop them if they used secret societies and secret signs as he did with speech.

        They are now going to try and re-build their “tower of babel” although not in the same form but with the same aim, try and reach onto heaven. Here is a great expose of secret societies and where it originates from and what it does and its plans, from another very good friend of mine. Mind blowing.

        1. Yep good lecture from Walter. Blacklisted in the 90’s, I have changed my own tires and service the car myself since. Altiyan’s testimony is long but accurate, much can be skipped, he needs to get it out there. He will soon find out what it means to be “targeted”.

  1. Indeed a good list. Two books that I would also recommend one as Essential and the second as a must as the second one corroborates what the first one is actually stating, are.

    1. The Great Controversy by Ellen G White

    2. The keys to this blood by Malachi Martin

      1. My apologies Ethan it was meant to have been “They Keys of this blood” and not “to this blood” by Malachi Martin.

        The author who is a Jesuit, was part the Vatican Secret Intelligence Agency.

        It is a book that one needs to read looking at from the perspective of what they are trying to achieve in the world rather than the author’s perspective as the author sees it as a good thing . Fits perfectly well with what we see going on around us and how they are trying to enslave the world. He knew the plan.

  2. Thank you Ethan, for this valuable, comprehensive resource list. I have a lot of reading to do.

    My additional recommendations:
    Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time by Carroll Quigley (1966)
    Final Judgment (re the JFK assassination) by Michael Collins Piper (2004)
    JFK – 9/11. Fifty Years of Deep State by Laurent Guyenot (2017)
    Satanic Empire by Joachim Hagopian (2021)
    Most books by David Icke, back to the 1990s. Most of these (and the Hagopian book) are available free online.

  3. The Controversey of Zion, by Douglas Reed, free here:

    Details the rise of Zionism and the hidden history of the late 19th and early 20th history focused around the establishment of Israel

    The creature from Jeckyl Island, G Edward Griffin, The history of the US Federal Reserve Bank.

  4. Thank you so much for this resource list!

    I’d add everything ever written by Jon Rappoport, particularly The Matrix Revealed even though it is not a book. His books include AIDS Inc.: Scandal of the Century, The Ownership of All Life, Oklahoma City Bombing: The Suppressed Truth, and The Secret Behind Secret Societies: Liberation of the Planet in the 21st Century.

  5. Confessions of A Satanist – Author Unknown
    Eyes Wide Open – Fiona Barnett
    The Perception Deception – David Icke
    Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars – Author Unknown
    Conspiracy Of The Rich – Robert Kiyosaki
    Who Built The Moon – Christopher Knight & Alan Butler

  6. Very much information here, but to understand the NWO you have to include this book: “The New World Religion and The Beliefs of the Elite” by James Musker.


    Written in the 16th century, yet incredibly looks lie it was written in 2020 for our sick world…


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