‘Wake Up, Australia!’: Thousands march through the streets of Brisbane

Thousands of have marched through the streets of Brisbane in opposition to the biomedical eugenics agenda driving the COVID-19 narrative.

Protesters continue to voice their concerns over vaccine coercion, mass media deception, scientific fraud and the removals of fundamental freedoms.



Please note: This was in MARCH 2021.

For JULY 2021 protests, please click here.

The streets were of Brisbane were packed on Saturday with passionate individuals who are standing up against impending mass medical coercion, in addition to coronavirus guidelines embedded in the ‘new normal’.

Citizens from all walks of life came together for speeches in the City Botanical Gardens, before marching throughout the Brisbane CBD, chanting, singing and hoping to inform those looking on.

TOTT News and Real News Australia were at the event and captured the following media.

Use the hashtag #WeWillAllBeThere to find additional coverage from across the world.


Please find below a complete livestream of the Brisbane Rally For Freedom, held in solidarity with other states in Australia and over 40 nations across the world. A guide has been provided below for easy viewing.


Song/indigenous ceremony to start.

Speeches begin at 59 minutes.

Protesters take off for protest at 1 hour 49 minutes. See on-the-ground footage below.

Protesters return for more speeches/conclusion at 2 hours 49 minutes.

Speakers include:

Also present on the day: Fanos Panayides, Fluoride Free Australia, We Are Change Brisbane.


Please find below interviews with protesters before, during and after the rally. No spin, no deception, just a platform provided for concerned citizens to voice their thoughts. You won’t see this on the mainstream media. By General Maddox.

The General hits the ground!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and concerns!



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7 comments on “‘Wake Up, Australia!’: Thousands march through the streets of Brisbane”

  1. Nice coverage of this inspiring event, Ethan. I was in Brisbane at the right time, enabling me to participate in the rally and to meet yourself and General Maddox & Andy Somes from “Real News Australia”, and share a nice beer afterwards. Yes, you captured the best sign. Another said “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. Beware, bien pensant sheeple. The police did a good job keeping the traffic off the streets while the protestors passed…and the procession was quite long. They and the Adelaide police sure are better [at this stage] than the paramilitary-style thugs employed by [the vax injured] Kim Jong Dandrews and “Napoleon” Cornelius in Victoria, who presumably have been financed by a slice of the $2.3 billion mysteriously sent by the Vatican to Australia in the years before the coronahoax manifested.
    I like the plan of “The Peoples Revolution” (who were the main organisers; leader Triccy, with a good strong lion logo) to recruit local activists who can join in enhanced non-compliance and protest activity at short notice, and I have joined up:

  2. My wife and I went to the Brisbane march and were proud of the people who turned up but were really disappointed with ‘triccy’ and the peoples revolution group. They were focussed on tribal spiritualistic garbage. We left when they tried to lead the group in meditation and feeling the dead ancestors beside you!!! We were there to march!!!! What the heck? Very disappointing.

    What does the Lord require of you? To do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God – Micah 6:8

    Could have saved sooooo much time by reading what God wants for us !! Then getting in with some factual speakers about the current injustices and marching.
    Did anyone else feel it was off tangent at the start?
    Great coverage by Tott news and Real news Australia. I was hoping to see some Reignite Democracy Australia flyers as well. One flyer was very practical as he said “rallies are good but short lived, we need 50 concerned citizens to lobby each of their local members and we will see deeper change”. onevoice2020@hotmail.com

    1. Hope you returned after time out during the spiritual ancestor stuff, Dave (yes, a bit overdone, but I think Triccy’s heart is in the right place and he has plenty of fire in his belly, and it is great to have Aboriginal people on board…they are among the first in the firing line of the Gates killer vax), as the subsequent speeches (especially Meryl Dorey, Max Igan and Malcolm Roberts) and marching were excellent. There is footage of the march on David Icke’s site this morning: well done Ethan and General Maddox.

  3. Unfortunately we were away last week, so I wasn’t able to get to the rally this time. But really heartening to see there was such a good turnout again. Thank you RNA and TOTT News for posting this, so I can catch up with what I missed.

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