World Wide Rally for Freedom: Australia joins international events

Over the past year, livelihoods and freedoms have been destroyed by lockdowns and border closures. We have had our movements restricted, bodily autonomy violated by mask mandates and plans for coronavirus vaccine coercion continue to be rolled out.

This weekend, Australia joins an overseas movement of over 40 countries, who will march in solidarity for the principles of freedom, democracy and health.



Please note: This was in MARCH 2021.

For JULY 2021 protests, please click here.


FULL COVERAGE of the Brisbane rally, including speeches, interviews and photos, can be found at the following link: CLICK HERE

On 20 March 2021, a number of freedom protests have been planned all across the world, with many countries standing in solidarity for the protection of fundamental human rights.

The World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy demonstrations are being promoted online, with rallies against coronavirus restrictions and the tyranny of the vaccine implementation taking place in countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan and Germany.

A channel on messaging service app, Telegram, is promoting the anti-restriction events across the world and currently has more than 35,000 subscribers. There are also dozens of separate ‘World Wide Demonstration’ Telegram channels promoting each planned protest in individual countries.

The world unites.

On Saturday the 20th March 2021, a World Wide Demonstration for Freedom, Peace, and Democracy will take place in more than 40 countries all over the world. We will reclaim our fundamental rights, and take a stand against excessive Coronavirus restriction measures.

The issues

The international protests have many key objectives at the heart of each march, including the notion that fundamental human rights have top priority and are not negotiable.

Organisers are also calling for the excessive and unlawful coronavirus restriction measures to end immediately, including the unreasonable and tyrannical suppression of dissent by police forces.

The World Wide Rally for Freedom will take a stand for the protection of five important freedoms:

  • Freedom of Speech.
  • Freedom of Movement.
  • Freedom of Choice.
  • Freedom of Assembly.
  • Freedom of Health.

Organisers are calling on all opponents of coronavirus restriction policies to participate in this international protests, as a united and peaceful community, standing up to demand an end to authoritarian control measures.

They encourage and call on everyone to peaceably and publicly assemble to speak out against the authoritarian coronavirus restrictions that have damaged our lives more than any virus has.

Now we will stand up. One Day. Everyone Together.

Australia will also march in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the world.


Since the beginning of 2020, we have grown together locally and become a part of a broader freedom movement. We have made new friends and found that we are not alone in our desire for the protection of freedom.

We have supported individuals and businesses who understand the damage of peoples lives and the economy, much of which our ‘leadership’ has caused in response to COVID 19.

Now it is time to strengthen these bonds and push forward as the coronavirus vaccine rolls out.

The following national events have been created by action groups across Australia:

Australians will make it clear that the government’s attempts to divide us have been unsuccessful.

Together we will ALL demonstrate against current and future coronavirus measures.

Use the hashtag #WeWillAllBeThere on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


For those who are unable to make the locations listed above and are still looking to soak up some of the positive energy found at these rallies, please find below a link to watch the Brisbane march LIVE!

TOTT News, Real News Australia and others will be on-the-ground to cover the event. We will also provide updates from across the country, beyond the spin and deception of the mainstream media.

Brisbane Rally — Vimeo


“Never ever give up. Never stop fighting for what you believe in and for the people who care about you.

Carry yourself with dignity and pride. Relish the opportunity to be an outsider, embrace that label, because it’s the outsiders that change the world and make a real and lasting difference”.

– DJT, supporter.


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  1. Thanks Ethan for the reminder about these important rallies on March 20th. I will be there in Brisbane.

  2. Ethan, would love to come say hello on sat! I appreciate all the work you do 😊 How can we find you?

    1. I believe Ethan will be conducting interviews (and thus will be wielding a decent-sized camera) and wearing a “Covid1984” t-shirt. General Maddox from “Real News Australia” will also be present. Noon at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

  3. Disgusting….I worked on a covid ward watching them coughing for weeks on end. Unable to eat or sleep. Blood will be on your hands!

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