Calls for Greg Hunt to release his medical records

There are calls for Greg Hunt to release his medical records for examination, after he was hospitalised with cellulitis less than 48 hours after receiving his COVID-19 vaccine.

In the UK, almost 150 people have reported this condition as a reaction to the AstraZeneca shot in two months, while post-vaccination neutropenia links are well-documented.


Claims by the media that a connection does not exist between vaccination and diagnosis is a jeopardy to public safety.
Show the public, Greg. Photo: TCT


As the coronavirus vaccine rolls out across Australia, the top health official has been hospitalised with ‘unrelated’ medical conditions, ‘coincidentally’ following the receiving of his shots.

The people are now wanting real answers over the circumstances of this event, as new information comes to light that dispels the narrative broadcasted by the mainstream establishment.

The Informed Medical Options Party is calling on Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, to authorise the release of his medical records for the public, after he was hospitalised less than 48 hours after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID19 vaccine. 

The group is also calling on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to conduct an immediate assessment of Mr Hunt’s Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI). They must also publish the results of that assessment for public analysis, citing health concerns.

The Australian Immunisation Handbook defines an AEFI as any negative reaction that follows vaccination, while providing a central record of the vaccination history of every Australian.

Greg Hunt was admitted to hospital on Tuesday 09 March 2021, just 48 hours after receiving his shot on 07 March 2021. He was soon diagnosed with Cellulitis.

Cellulitis is a spreading inflammation of the skin, usually caused by a bacterial infection — and if you’ve got it, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll know about it.

Those suffering from the infection may experience red, painful and swollen skin that is warm to touch, but more severe cases can also lead to fever, blisters, chills and nausea.

Cellulitis accounted for almost 60,000 hospitalisations and 11 per cent of all potentially preventable hospitalisations in Australia in 2013–14.

It has been widely reported that Minister Hunt has been hospitalised, however, a possible connection with his vaccination has been quickly dismissed by the media and authorities.

His office said his condition is “not considered to be related” to the first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

If this sudden condition is ‘not related’ to the vaccination, to the point it doesn’t even warrant a need to be reported as an AEFI, then he should have no problem releasing his records?

For the matter of public safety, I agree with IMOP’s call for these documents to be analysed.

We have already seen evidence that might suggest the media is once again lying to the people.


We are told that there is no possible link that Hunt’s cellulitis was caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine, but he isn’t the only one to be diagnosed with this condition almost immediately following the injection.

By analysing adverse reports from the United Kingdom, who developed the vaccine and are very deep into their national rollout, we can find that citizens are sharing similar stories to Hunt.

According to the UK government, individuals are asked to submit Yellow Card reaction reports if they have a suspicion or knowledge that the medicine may have caused an adverse reaction. 

Let’s take a look at all UK spontaneous reports received between 4/01/21 and 28/02/21 for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University/AstraZeneca.

The data shows that almost 150 individuals have reported Cellulitis as a suspected result of the vaccine itself in the span of just under two months, including one fatality:


Are we supposed to ignore this data, much of which will never actually be investigated further? Note that this is significantly higher than other adverse reports on this page.

According to IMOP, post-vaccination neutropenia is well documented and neutropenia predisposes one to cellulitis, so to dismiss the link between Mr Hunt’s symptoms and the vaccination he received is not justified. 

In pre-licensure clinical trials, transient haematological changes from baseline (neutropenia) were observed in 46% of participants in the AstraZeneca vaccine group, compared with 7% in the MenACWY vaccine group. 

It is in the public interest that Mr Hunt release his medical records, including his haematology test results, because he has a long history of callously dismissing legitimate vaccine safety concerns, as well as supporting the mandatory vaccination push. 

What are your thoughts? Should Hunt release his records?

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5 comments on “Calls for Greg Hunt to release his medical records”

  1. Here I am in Brisbane for a few days. Let’s see if Anna Stasi can force Brisbane into house arrest while I am here over a “covid case” which isn’t. Wherever I go I hand out my “13 reasons not to take the covax”. I guess this makes me a “super spreader”…of truth. How else can I get my message out, other than commenting on TOTT News and Cory Bernardi Confidential? I am not on Facebook, Twitter, etc and don’t even have a “smart phone”. Editors won’t publish my letters. I look forward to the Freedom Rally on Sat 20th, this time in Brisbane rather than Adelaide. So I won’t be carrying my “Bill vaxxed me to save the planet” with skull and crossed syringes placard, but what the heck…there will be plenty of other good ones there…unless A Stasi shuts it down.

    Yes, come clean Greg Hunt…and Kim Jong Dandrews, who lost his balance soon after his covax. But “nothing to see here” according to his office…

    1. Good on you for trying to spread the truth. However, I suspect that commenting here and on other similar sites only speaks to the converted. Which is what I do. Sometimes I send email around and get that knowing look when I meet my friends some time thereafter. I think people are either in the know and open to new info or they are not … and never will be.

      I wonder what Hunt and Andrews are thinking right now, deep down.

      1. And good on you, Veri Tas. Your name says it all: you speak truth. What more can we do?

  2. Yes interesting timing for this so called covid case just before the International Freedom Rally Day on the 20th. I seem to recall Andrews doing the whole lockdown shitshow just before protest marches a couple of times in Victoria. They all follow the same directive from this cabal so time will tell.

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