Australia to trial ‘backup’ COVID-19 vaccines

Australia cannot rely on overseas vaccines remaining effective and needs a “backup”, say authorities, who have awarded $1.6 million to a trial to fight the ‘new COVID-19 strain’.

By mid-2021, volunteers aged between 18 and 75 years will be recruited for an ‘accelerated clinical trial’ of two “next generation” vaccines, developed by the University of Melbourne.


A new era of biopharma control. Photo: CSIRO


We are barely a week into 2021, and already, things are beginning to heat back up again.

The latest: Researchers behind a clinical trial of two COVID-19 vaccines in Australia say the country needs to prepare to combat the ‘new strain’ that is emerging across the world.

According to reports, close to $1.6 million has been awarded to a new Melbourne-based trial, with hopes it will begin around the middle of this year:

Australia is still on track to roll out scheduled the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine very soon, before domestic production of larger amounts of the AstraZeneca and Novavax vaccines become available.

Yet, despite the World Health Organisation declaring the first vaccine won’t even work, we are now witnessing even more products being funded for release down the pipeline.

Australia cannot rely on overseas vaccines remaining effective and needs a “backup”, according to lead researcher, Terry Nolan, from the Doherty Institute at the University of Melbourne.

Nolan says, with the new funds, two new vaccines will soon be trialled — an mRNA-based vaccine and a recombinant protein vaccine — which are “more targeted and could be rapidly modified”.

The trial will be carried out on about 150 volunteers aged between 18 and 75.

Terry Nolan is an epidemiologist, paediatrician and public health physician, with extensive links to the World Health Organisation. He also works in partnership with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which received $10 million in funding from Bill Gates to undertake similar vaccine trials.

Nolan is a Professor of the University of Melbourne in Australia, Foundation Head of the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. He is the immediate past Chair of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (2005-2014).

He is a Fellow of the Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

An agent of the ongoing plan, right under our noses.

In a statement to reporters, he said it was vital that Australia had its own vaccine:

“We know that just recently the very promising candidate from the University of Queensland, the ‘molecular clamp’ vaccine with CSL support, did not proceed with development because of a technical issue, nothing to do with the effectiveness of the vaccine,” he said.

“It’s very important we have manufacturing capability of Australian vaccines as security against supply issues globally for international developers.”

Give me a break. There is no virus to begin with. Remember that.

As was predicted many months ago, the agenda will not end with the first release. Instead, this product will be incorporated into regular, annual vaccine schedules here in Australia.

They are already beginning their excuses to continue the narrative.

Health and Aged Care Minister Greg Hunt said the Government was preparing for every scenario.

“We don’t know whether or not further vaccinations will be required after this year, but we do know that we will prepare for every eventuality,” Mr Hunt said.

Mr Hunt said the vaccines offered a number of potential advantages to compliment the “first generation” COVID-19 vaccines.

Key word: First generation. Not the last.

And it is almost arrived at our doorsteps here in Australia.


Facing ‘fresh outbreaks of COVID-19’, Australia’s government has pledged to start mass vaccinations in February now, instead of March, as was originally planned.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said regulators were now expected to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine by the end of this month, for rollout soon after.

By March, four million Australians could be vaccinated, he said.

“We are now in a position where believe we will be able to commence vaccinations in mid-to-late February,” Mr Morrison said.

He announced the plans this afternoon, while most of the world was distracted by the finale of Season 45 of the United States, and related manufactured TV ‘unrest’.

Following regulatory approval, the first of the country’s order of 10 million Pfizer vaccine doses should be issued in a matter of weeks.

Authorities also struck a deal with AstraZeneca, which developed a vaccine with Oxford University, to produce doses locally. Remember, these regulators are exempt from liability for adverse effects.

Despite this, Australia aims to vaccine 80,000 people each week at first and then accelerate the pace, the government says. The main goal is to jab four million people by early March.

The priority groups in the first round includes 700,000 frontline workers in the health sector, border enforcement and care homes, along with the residents of care homes.

Following that, Australians aged over 70, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over 55, healthcare workers, adults with underlying health conditions and emergency services workers will be next.

The time is approaching. The Epsilon Agenda will soon increase tenfold in Australia.

Are you prepared to combat these so-called ‘solutions’?

All informed Australians should already be preparing for mass vaccine coercion.

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4 comments on “Australia to trial ‘backup’ COVID-19 vaccines”

  1. The agenda will continue to roll on, first gen vaxx – we will be up to 5G vaxx shortly and the ‘final solution’.

  2. The medical fascism gathers pace. You describe more contorted dancing from Morrison and Hunt, leading characters in the Gates of Hell/Big pHARMa puppet show. Just had a reply from a UK scientist who I tried to warn about the danger of taking the Gates Convid1984 vax: “I will certainly be getting the vaccine”. Just can’t help some folks! He welcomes conversion into a GMO operating platform, who/which will no doubt submit to each upgrade when required…until the time when “they” determine he has outlived his usefulness.

    Gee, Ethan, not too impressed by your Queensland Premier, Anna Stasi, a 3rd rate “leader” if ever there was one: house arrest for Brisbane on the back of one Convid “case” (which of course isn’t…it’s just another false positive to the PCR test which does not identify viruses, as repeatedly warned by its inventor).

    1. I was expecting the UK virus to come later towards autumn but it looks like we won’t be allowed to get enough vitamin D from our natural sunny beaches & parks bc we’ll be locked up during the summer & will be less resilient against a common cold that will in turn mandate that we get tested & definitely be positive bc the tests, as we all know here on TOTTnews, are not fit for purpose. If the inventor of the PCR test says it was not meant to be used for corona type infections, why do all supposed medical experts like Prof. Dr. Wank&Swallow Bill Gates & WHO “the fuck are you” president Tedros (not a medical doctor for the first time in WHO history) decided this is the correct test for covid? I don’t know how the pHarma giants do it but our supposed leaders, aka; sold out dogs, all just nod & push these agendas without blinking. We have senators that are supposed to question everything, right? so why is no one saying or doing anything, surely they can’t all be bought/threatened? where’s the crazy redhead to ask “pls explain” or Eric Abetz that cornered libby lyons of the WGEA when she couldnt explain why she gets paid over $170K for info anyone can get from ABS website for free & why there were no male staff in her organisation that claims men get more pay, bla, bla (see youtube senate estimates sitting)? what can WE do?

      1. Politics is a two handed muppet show produced by the great deceiver to distract. The agenda is to have the masses demand their own destruction, the final solution: transhumanism and the hive mind. Be prepared for things to get a lot worse.

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