Coronavirus vaccine unlikely to stop infection, World Health Organisation says

It’s being hailed as ‘our only way out’ of the pandemic – but the World Health Organisation has warned this week a vaccine is unlikely to stop the virus and ongoing restrictive measures.

As countries like the United States and Britain begin to roll out millions of doses to citizens, once again the narrative is being extended; engineered to take an entirely different direction.


More twists and turns. Photo: WHO


Despite COVID-19 vaccine programs being hailed as ‘the only way out’ of the pandemic, top health officials have warned that inoculation programs likely won’t stop people from being infected.

Speaking at a press conference, WHO’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, said there was yet to be any evidence that coronavirus vaccines were “going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on”.

She noted on Monday that the agency had not established whether the COVID-19 vaccines being administered across the US and in Europe prevented people from getting the virus.

“We need to assume that people who have been vaccinated also need to take the same precautions till there‘s a certain level of herd immunity. This is a dynamic in an evolving field,” she said, according to reports today.

That’s right, the so-called ‘solution’ most of the planet has been locked down and waiting for since the beginning of this mass psychological operation, no longer will help. Fantastic. 

Instead, WHO Health Emergencies Director, Dr Mike Ryan, said it was more probable that coronavirus would become ‘less severe’ through vaccination.

“The likely scenario is the virus will become another endemic virus, a virus will remain somewhat of a threat but a very low level threat in the context of an effective global vaccination program,” he said.

Furthermore, if a vaccine had a high level of success, “there’s no guarantee of eliminating or eradicating an infectious disease” and the priority was ending COVID-19’s ‘death toll’.

“First and foremost, we have to focus on saving lives and getting good control of this epidemic, so our societies can return to normal.. and then we will deal with the moonshot of potentially being able to eliminate or eradicate this virus.

Moonshot possibility? Getting control of the virus? I thought you said COVID-19 vaccines are a mechanism that would assist with these tasks at hand? Now they are a ‘preventative measure’?

Read between the lines, ladies and gentlemen. This was always the plan at hand.

New pandemic narratives blasted through your television sets, continuous rollouts of vaccines (incorporated into schedules), for many decades to come. The lies will play to this plan.

This news, and other events, confirm the plan is to keep this operation rolling for some time.


Over the holiday period, Britain, China, Russia, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Serbia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia have already begun their vaccination campaigns.

Countries are showing different strategies, with Italy focusing on health workers, France the elderly and in the Czech Republic, Greece and Slovakia with political leaders, and so on.

European Union countries, the UK and US all started administering the Pfizer-BioNTech jab.

Vaccines other than the Pfizer-BioNTech jab are also in the pipeline, and the United States, where over a million people have already been vaccinated, last week began jabs with the vaccine developed by US biotech firm, Moderna.

Donald Trump calls the vaccine a ‘miracle’ in his Christmas address to the nation, whilst continuously boasting about his achievement to roll out in record time. Good thing people were distracted by the old ‘drain muh swamps’ storyline to push back against this.

Australia is no better. Reports suggest we are expected to begin rolling out the vaccine here from March 2021, with calls to fast-track a mass inoculation program here.

Yet, at the same time, we are hearing from WHO that there is not enough data to support the effectiveness of this vaccine rollout? Is this just like how WHO backtracked on lockdowns being the go-to option, after the world modelled their shutdowns on this organisation’s advice?

Good thing the NPC masses don’t actually read the news entirely — only the headline features promoted to them — or they might suspect something a bit odd about both narratives.

The obvious one being: It doesn’t make sense. Do vaccines work or not? Make your mind up.

This leaves critical thinkers, like the readers of TOTT News, as the only ones actually left discerning through this propaganda. And, on closer examination, we find ulterior motives beneath the surface.

The vaccine was never meant to ‘work’. There is no virus

Yet, the narrative continues, and even as the vaccine saviour arrives in its cape for the masses, we are still being told this coronavirus saga is far from over. Even re-igniting in Australia.

Overseas, top US government high priest, Anthony Fauci, warned on Sunday that “as we get into the next few weeks, it might actually get worse”.

This echoes speeches made by incoming US president, Joe Biden, about ‘the worst days being ahead of us, not behind us’.

It doesn’t end when the first vaccine comes out, as we are beginning to witness, and this is because the larger Brave New World agenda is much vaster than most understand.

Important questions are certainly raised when heading down the yellow brick road.


The COVID vaccine is a massive leap forward for the eugenics cult, in which Bill Gates is associated, serving the purpose of collecting human DNA on mass and re-engineering it against them.

Do you think it is a ‘coincidence’ that a ‘new strain’ of the virus has suddenly emerged from Britain, already reaching several other European countries? This is in addition to Japan, Canada and more.

Think of the timing: A new, ‘deadlier strain’ is on the loose. Could the vaccine itself be causing a real illness? What are your thoughts? Nobody would even be able to tell the difference.

Almost 3% of recipients in the US have had adverse reactions so far, according to the CD, so it seems everything is going to plan according to their own predictions.

The agenda is complex. People won’t drop dead immediately, albeit some cases. Instead, the ‘ultimate revolution’ is now nearing completion with the roll out — as human beings begin to descend to a mental and spiritual state: that identical to Epsilons.

Many would argue the fact nearly 50% of Australians having some form of chronic illness is a result of previous vaccine schedules,  including the botched polio shot — mixed with ultrasound harm and daily chemicals and poisons in the world surrounding us.

Dehumanized, distracted, sterilised and sick for generations.

This is the Epsilon Agenda, and soon, only reproductive birthing technologies will be the only tool from which creation can be conceptualised. Science fiction let us know vaccines are ‘alien tech’.

What better way to eliminate the ‘undesirables’, fulfilling a plan centuries in the making, while creating a technologically created and controlled slave class of the future?

Humans, already merging with machine to create a social hyperreality, will become even more susceptible to becoming created by them as well. 

Not me, of course, but it is always fascinating to document the plan unfolding before our very eyes.

Not all of us have been weakened by your system, however. 

This is where the real challenge begins.


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5 comments on “Coronavirus vaccine unlikely to stop infection, World Health Organisation says”

  1. I have said it before but I’ll say it again Australian politics is a bicephalic serpent and US politics is not any different although it may be an ouroboros. The cabal controls ALL. Politics is nothing but interactive entertainment to keep the brain dead masses distracted. The retards of the world have united and will not be defeated. Don’t feel sorry for those who choose to take the vaccines, they were always corrupted empty vessels.

  2. Great article as always Ethan! It appears that the masses who are for the masks, distancing, restrictions in all their glory are now waiting excitedly for this vaccine. Just like MK Ultra mind control the programming over the decades has worked a treat. I have found if you do try to share some truth about the contents of these vaccines you are met with a glazed eyed firewall. Cant be penetrated, in fact, you are the recipient of the ‘are you insane?’ look from the excited-to-be-vaccinated person!! People need to do some research to at least find out the contents of these vaccines before getting jabbed. Seriously.

  3. Good one Ethan, you have nailed it again…There is no virus! And nice comments from Gareth & Lisa. I have had just the same reaction (even from family members!) when trying to tell them the truth about the coronahoax and the vax. It’s like collective insanity. May have mentioned before, last week I emailed 330 of my fellow International Selenium Society members re vax dangers, saying reply if you want to see my evidence: got two replies from high officials admonishing me for contacting the whole group with my “outlandish imisinformation”, and confirming that they were mask wearers who look forward to getting the vax! And no-one else has sought further information…and these are scientists!
    My “Covid mini-flyer” now includes:
    The Australian government, directed by their masters, the parasitic, globalist bankster cabal and Big pHARMa, wants to mandate the Gates Covid1984 vax. The mainstream media (MSM) are the perpetrators’ propaganda arm, and have been lying massively to us about this supposed pandemic since February 2020. The government will employ extreme coercion. If you want to avoid being converted into a genetically modified, nano-chipped organism who becomes sick and dies prematurely, you must resist this. DO NOT GET VAXXED!!!
    “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves” HD Thoreau

  4. it’s like the WEF/NWO cabal have all their ducks in a row & rubbing their greedy hands with anticipation – no cash, all digital – everyone “convinced” they’re sick & must take meds – 24/7 news on invisible evil virus bc the WHO said so. the terrorist scam didn’t hold thanks to whistle blowers & no one dying from any actual terrorists in our cities, only where they supposedly get trained & live, so we bomb them everyday in their homes before they come here – jobs lost to rely on govt handouts, but only if you comply with mandates – biometrics, DNA + vaccs – if somehow you can still work, you get taxed extra for doing so. So what do we do? live on our knees or die standing? if your acquaintances stare at you like you’re not “one of us” then fuck’em you don’t need them, you only need your true self & anyone that holds true to themselves, regardless of “their” opinions. after all, thanks to instant access to social tech, everyone with or without a real idea or true info has a damn opinion. – “if I want your opinion, I’ll tell you what it is” -. I’ve used that line so many times it’s unfunny & I get zero backchat when expressed. that’s how pathetic the new era has made so called “social” or “woke” experts to unrelentingly attack any sense of reality from alphabet genders to what someone said 10 years ago on some tv or radio to denegrate them. – -we must resist even if it means we lose some comforts in the short term but will be better for it when things eventually come full circle where all this bullshit upends itself due to so many lies being told by everyone, no one can keep up with their own crap let alone everyone elses.



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