Australia’s Suppression of Free Speech

Controlling reality. Photo: ADE

As language policing continues to spread into the wider community, it has become a highly effective means of suppressing political dissent. In our post-modern culture shift, it has reached Orwellian proportions.

Social and legal expansions of mechanisms designed to curb ‘hate speech’ have laid the foundations for a new wave of ‘thoughtcrime’ persecution:

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TOTT News examines all aspects of free expression in Australia, including political communication in democracy, implied limits of speech, legislation restricting opinions, the rise of PC culture and a look at similarities between ‘hate speech’ and Newspeak.

Thought Police: The End of Free Speech in Australia

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2 comments on “Australia’s Suppression of Free Speech”

  1. The video keeps stopping as critical points are made. Never had this problem til now. Could the political correctness/ censors find this narrative too disturbing and truthful?

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