New online taskforce will target critical thinkers

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will establish a new taskforce to counter “online disinformation campaigns”, in a bid to further clamp down on social media activities.

The move comes as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) hands down a report naming bushfire and COVID-19 ‘conspiracies’ as a main source of disinformation.


The government seeks to squash dissent. Photo: AOM


It has been announced that a new taskforce with the aim of “combating disinformation campaigns” will be established within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

DFAT has begun a recruitment process for the new branch, which will target online propaganda on social media, according to ABC News.

In a recent address to the National Security College, Foreign Minister Marise Payne said international institutions like the World Health Organisation must be “bulwarks against disinformation”, which has been spread widely during the coronavirus ‘crisis’.

Payne also warned of an “info-demic” of online misinformation — a term used frequently in recent months — and said it was troubling that some countries were “using the pandemic to undermine liberal democracy and promote their own, more authoritarian models”.

“Let’s be clear, disinformation during a pandemic will cost lives.”

Mot importantly, she used the speech to vow that Australia would step up its engagement with international bodies such as the United Nations.

The announcement comes as Home Affairs recently warned a senate committee there was a “realistic prospect” that foreign states could meddle in Australian politics by manipulating social media to target elections.

“Social media may also be used by foreign state actors to sow distrust and division in the Australian community or to shape community perceptions about the governing regime of the foreign state in a manner in which their involvement is not readily apparent,” the Department’s submission reads.

The new task force will strengthen the ability of intelligence agencies to analyse ‘disinformation activities’ that ‘target democratic processes’.

The real intent, however, is to target the very democracy they are pretending to uphold.


The current discussions began after Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Director-General, Mike Burgess, sounded the alarm on interference in Australia’s political affairs.

As we reported in March, additional foreign interference laws were currently on the table, following warnings from security agencies that more powers may be needed to counter the ‘threat’ posed by the online web.

Dutton had last confirmed the new powers were still on the table in June last year, however, he continuously refused to confirm details and dates of the proposal’s action.

What are they hiding? This was a question asked by many civil liberty advocates at the time. The only known information was that a change would soon be coming down the pipeline involving Australia’s intelligence apparatus and online disinformation campaigns. 

Prior to the July 2018 federal by-elections held across four states, the Turnbull Government established a multi-agency body, the Electoral Integrity Assurance Taskforce, to address risks to the integrity of the electoral system — particularly in relation to cyber interference.

In retrospect, the new taskforce is a significant leap from previous visions and is owed to increasing propaganda about ‘foreign meddling’ in domestic affairs in recent years.

We must ask ourselves: Just what type of ‘disinformation’ will they be targeting?

In her speech, Payne importantly noted that Australia had recently been the victim of disinformation campaigns, including conspiracies ‘spread by bots’ on social media during the bushfires ‘crisis’.

This statement follows similar claims made by the Australian media during the bushfires, who launched a collective campaign attacking and demonising ‘bots’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ online.

This is where things get interesting.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has now set this claim in stone with their June paper, Misinformation and news quality on digital platforms in Australia, which reads:

“The bushfires saw instances of false and misleading information about the cause of the fires, the use of old images purporting to be of current events and conspiracy theories such as the fires having been purposely lit to make way for a Sydney to Melbourne train line.

They have also stated that ‘tactics’ used during the bushfire saga have now transitioned in a similar fashion to COVID-19 conspiracies floating around the web:

“False and misleading information about the pandemic — such as how to prevent exposure, possible treatments, and the origins of the virus — have been shown to have real-world consequences, including personal illness and damage to property. 

Recent Australian research found that nearly two-thirds (66 per cent) of people say they have encountered misinformation about COVID-19 on social media.”

Remember, ACMA recommendations are used to influence and help develop future government policies. What does this tell you?

Today, Australia and over 131 other countries have banded together to co-sign a statement warning that the coronavirus pandemic had “created conditions that enable the spread of disinformation, fake news and doctored videos to foment violence and divide communities”.

There you have it. Right before your eyes. They are coming for those who spread ‘conspiracies’.

On one hand, the department states the new taskforce is designed to stop ‘China’ or ‘Russia’, however, their own press conferences and industry reports paint a different picture completely.

TOTT News was already ‘fact checked’ by the Australian Associated Press for our very popular pieces on both the Australian bushfire conspiracy and high-speed rail line links.

Now, with the announcement of a new online taskforce at the exact same time, it might not be long before they start coming for everyone that spreads an anti-establishment viewpoint. We predicted critical thinkers would become the new ‘terrorists’ back in 2015.

When the gauntlet comes down, they have already been making their moves to ensure smooth monitoring of new ‘suspects’ in an era of online disinformation.


Australia’s intelligence community has developed over the last century to become a behemoth with technical capabilities that rival international counterparts.

The moves we are now seeing are the culmination of extensive pushes seen since the Christchurch shooting, where international bodies were urged to take a stronger stance against disinformation.

Prior to this event, Australian organisations were already 20 times more likely to intercept telephone calls than the United States government. This includes accessing personal data an astonishing 1,200 times per week.

However, this number is now likely to pale in comparison given recent moves by the Australian government to destroy what little online freedom the country has left.

For example, Australia has been pressuring Facebook to create a backdoor into its encrypted messaging apps that would allow governments to access the content of private communications.

The moves follow similar pushes to infiltrate numerous encrypted platforms and services, underpinned by the government passing anti-encryption legislation that compels companies to grant access to encrypted information. The government cited ‘paedophiles’ and ‘terrorists’.

These were the same characters that were also commonly cited years ago as a justification for controversial data-retention legislation, which requires telecommunications providers to store detailed ‘metadata’ about their customers online activities.

Furthermore, the Australian government also passed laws allowing internet services providers to block domains that promote “harmful and extreme” content.

It isn’t hard to see where this road is heading, ladies and gentlemen.

The pieces of the puzzle are all starting to fit together and the objective is not to ‘protect security’.

It is the systematic targeting of critical thinkers who spread anti-establishment material online, backed by the erosion of safeguards to provide protection for those individuals.

Not to mention this is all happening as we ready to enter the next phase of the COVID-19 saga.

Could something be coming that would require a complete purge of ‘conspiracy’ material?

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this crucial development.


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39 comments on “New online taskforce will target critical thinkers”

    1. This is how the Satanic United Nations thinks they are going to cover up all their crimes, such as the DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS being used by their SATANIC MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX to force people out of the suburbs and forest areas and into cities where they have more control to poison them with toxic nanoparticles. This is the INDISPUTIBLE TRUTH and they are terrified of the truth that we already know because they are all going to prison really soon. Mark my words, these tyrannical Luciferians, Freemasons and other evil factions are on their way out. It will be a tight race but this was was won before the fight began. THEY ARE DONE!

  1. The same is happening in the Netherlands and peaceful protests are banned whereas BLM is allowed without restrictions, the worldwide script seems to be the same in most countries. They are exposing them self by implementing these restrictions, more people are aware of the ulterior motives. New World Order.

  2. “Recent Australian research found that nearly two-thirds (66 per cent) of people say they have encountered misinformation about COVID-19 on social media.”
    Yes, we had a lot of misinformation – but on the mainstream media!

  3. I foresee in the not to distant future the usage of a VPN being an absolute necessity after many countries start adopting a similar system to China’s firewall!

  4. I am an Australian who saw the writing on the wall 5 years ago. So glad I left. High Treason seems to be so fashionable with the politicians of the day.
    Its sad to see the country been destroyed and the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for so easily given up by the Australian public.

    1. I know it is heartbreaking to us.
      They are all so corrupt.
      Where did it all come from ?? I think it was the aussie ‘She’ll be right mate ‘ ethos. Too laid back !!! Glad my dear parents who fought for this country are no longer here to see this. What a wasted life my father and brother gave in service.

      1. Agreed Lynette. Aussies have been way too laid back for as long as remember but that is simply because they are very relaxed and embrace everyone and every culture. Additionally the fact is that they did not expect the 1% and the world leaders to pull such a number on them with all the lies and deception simply because Aussies would never have done it to others and did not expect others to do it unto them. How wrong were they.

        What is the worst is that the same leaders that were trusted, are the ones that are the most corrupt. I would not be surprised if the last Vic election was rigged and the votes counted towards chairman Dan. The corruption runs deep in the political parties and more so when the latter is in bed with the Unions and China.

        Political corruption is destroying love of justice and regard for truth. One thing is sure, these political leaders will have their day of reckoning. I have absolutely no doubt about that. “Behold your lies will catch you out”.

  5. Disinformation, by whose standards, the ones putting out the lies to convince the public they are they authority to profit from their lies?

  6. yes those conspiracy theorists are dismissed from the government enquiry into bushfires, so many lives lost and homes destroyed , those within the rfs government orginisation get away with arson and manslaughter . all in the name of what ??

  7. It is not disinformation if it is the truth and the main stream media only ever give one side of the argument and they all say the same thing, same words same phrases. It’s all about trying to keep people in fear and brainwashing for there own agendas.

  8. So many people are now aware of the fakeness of all this. They understand the propaganda machine that is the mainstream media. Seems like the Govt are scrambling to keep their authority over the population with this. It can all unravel for them in the future and they know it. I will not be silenced by them or anyone.

    1. You are so right! People are finding out increasingly via excellent alt media sites that are passing on the truth of this fake scam while the MSM is working under instruction from the global elite to feed disinformation…
      Other sites are off-guardian, oye news, freedom articles, no fake news.

  9. We will see if the Government goes ahead with the new Sydney to Melbourne rail line.
    And smart cities to be developed with all the semi visible 5G infrastructure put in, and no complaints or suing the gov for radiation to families, just like you cannot sue for vaccine complications, but who cares today.
    It starting to feel like it will soon be illegal to tell a person that their house is on fire, not allowed to warn people they are in danger.
    Compassion for others is going out the window, stay in your own little shell and say nothing to even your so called family & friends.
    For me my own family wants me to stop telling them anything. they seem to want to live just for today, then tomorrow complain their doctor has not done enough for them.

    1. Same with my family, they dont want to hear it just keep on quite happy in their bubble world. But keep talking, keep trying to get the message out, if family wont listen, ok, go to social media, even the person next to you in a queue who is wearing a mask, strike up a friendly conversation and plant the seed of doubt. I do this and at least feel like I am doing something to inform people when those around me do not want to know.

    2. The programming is so strong, I think most of us have lost relationships with family and friends, who won’t get rid of their televisions. As for being able to show compassion, in some US and Canadian cities it is illegal to feed the homeless. We should never back down from showing kindness and compassion and I will not compromise on that.

  10. They are barking up the wrong tree if that’s the way they are going about it… they should be asking why people believe in the conspiracy ????
    if it is a conspiracy?

    1. Funnily enough they blame the “conspiracy theorist” but they are happy being the “coincidence apologists”. Ever noticed how everything that ever happens is just coincidence even though they are related?

      Bushfire burning along the proposed high-speed train line – coincidence
      2nd wave of COVID-19 as soon as reports outlining corruption allegations within Daniel Andrews govt – coincidence
      People with terminal diseases dying of COVID-19 instead – coincidence

  11. Just print out all the stuff we find online and walk around the streets posting them up and print them onto t shirts. They will not silence us. Screenshot everything you find and print it.

  12. The only misinformation is that of this foreign corporation, pretending to be our government!
    The have no authority!

  13. Aren’t critical thinkers the ones we give Nobel prizes to about 5 years later? Critical thinking is the birth place of great discoveries and paradigm shattering truths.

  14. Until the mainstream media is going to make their false flags look real, we will continue to comment. l can probably speak for alot of you commenting that so many events can be picked apart to be false. lmagine if they didn’t make so many stories up, the world would be quite peaceful.

  15. The government accusing others of being paedophiles and terrorists. wd be laughable if it wasn’t actually happening 🙁

  16. The Government and mainstream media call anyone who sees their corrupt misinformation program conspiracy theorists to degrade the truth seekers.
    The Gov and mainstream media are the ones pushing a conspiracy theory which can be proven from accurate research.
    Hydroxychloroquine and America’s frontline Doctors were degraded and vilified by ABC Australia in a classic propaganda witch hunt.
    It has now been proven Hydroxy does prevent covid deaths.
    They deliberately conspired to degrade it by using for example 9 tests out of 4000 which did not include zinc.
    Why? So the coming covid vaccines are the only “ cure”
    Meanwhile the CDC has released a review of the USA covid death statistics which states only 6% of the deaths were from covid.
    So called conspiracy theorists have been saying the deaths from covid have been exaggerated and falsified for 5 months.
    No doubt Australia’s statistics are the same … false to bring in incrementally their totalitarian biometric surveillance police state and manipulate the public through fear to accept such draconian measures under medical tyranny.
    This is all about controlling free and commonsense thought.

    1. You could not be more right John. What was labelled by the MSM and Government as “conspiracy theory” is turning out to be conspiracy facts despite their efforts to quell the truth. Funnily enough many people still do not want to believe the truth even if it hits them in the face. They prefer to believe the lies!

  17. I have certainly felt the push to kill all logic.
    I had already had 3 accounts shadow banned and 1 deleted from various social media platforms over the last 3 years. Once Blah Blah 19 started it took about 2 weeks before both my Instagram and Facebook were shadow banned for posting scientific fact regarding the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. My Instagram account has had the password changed without my authorisation and I am still unable to get back into my account as Instagram has refused to assist me.

    I have now been falsely fact checked over 30 times in regard to the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation in the last 6 months.
    Nothing I posted was incorrect and I now have over 23000 peer reviewed references to back my statements. I have now been waiting for 2 months for a response from Facebook and multiple “fact checking organisations” regarding their incorrect facts.

    More people need to fact check these fools, although it can be time consuming and not much fun I have found that in 99% of circumstances they are completely wrong. If enough people stay on them they should start to look pretty stupid pretty quickly.

    Big love to all my critical brothers and sisters out there. We got this.

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