December 1, 2023

29 thoughts on “Mandatory vaccines set for healthcare workers

  1. Absolutely CRIMINAL & OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    Vaccines are not designed to boost the immune system, on the contrary they interfere + disable it.
    Not to mention the toxic cocktails that is in their ingredients. They also contain live viruses, foreign DNA, likely embedded microchips etc.

    What a cunning way to introduce & speed up viral outbreaks, allergies all via weaponized Vaccines, under the guise of health & protection. Those who are complicit & are pushing for this, rightly deserve to be locked up & be held accountable.

    So all the health workers who are injected, will more likely pass on these viruses directly onto their patients. No doubt, all by design.

    In reality, this has nothing to do with health, it’s the other way around, it’s to hinder & to prevent it.

    1. my family member will lose her job do you know of any groups that are fighting this legally – its very hard to find information on the web as its all so one sided – if you search for groups on facebook all you get is Bill Gates and the WHO

    The Government have now enacted detainment laws. Know your rights.

    From another page I am on – Under the human rights act 2004 ACT — it doesnt matter if your in NSW , QLD or VIC or anywhere else.. you simply quote section 118 of an act to constitute the commonwealth of Australia ) .. it says under section 10 sub section 2 …

    10 Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment etc
    (1)No-one may be—(a)tortured; or(b)treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way.
    (2)No-one may be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her free consent

    Further more… this is written in the helsinki code , the nuremberg trials verdict.

    Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986

    Schedule 2—International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
    Part 3
    Article 7

    No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.

    but we keep going…

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Article 5.

    No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

    state of victoria… and will be also found in other states and territories…
    s 10(c) of the Charter [of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act2006 (Vic)] thus:

    “A person must not be— …

    (c) subjected to medical … treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent.”

    we are not done yet.. lets add more goodies to the pile…

    Based on this common law approach, four jurisdictions in Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria) have enacted legislation which adopts a functional test of competence.1 In Victoria (the location of this case), s 36(2) of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1986 states:

    a person is incapable of giving consent to the carrying out of a special procedure or medical or dental treatment if the person —

    (a) is incapable of understanding the general nature and effect of the proposed procedure or treatment; or

    (b) is incapable of indicating whether or not he or she consents or does not consent to the carrying out of the proposed procedure or treatment.

    Biosecurity act is a violation of the criminal code act 1995..

    268.13 Crime against humanity–torture

    A person (the perpetrator ) commits an offence if:

    (a) the perpetrator inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon one or more persons who are in the custody or under the control of the perpetrator; and

    (b) the pain or suffering does not arise only from, and is not inherent in or incidental to, lawful sanctions; and

    (c) the perpetrator’s conduct is committed intentionally or knowingly as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population.

    Penalty: Imprisonment for 25 years..
    (C+P)… Copy, save & share…

  3. Please 🙏 please 🙏 sign this petition.

    We want a Vaccinated V Un-Vaccinated study.

    Pro- Vax or not wouldn’t you want to know that the vaccine schedule given to your babies is safe and in fact making them healthy?

    Wouldn’t you want to know if in fact they are being protected by deadly diseases?

    Wouldn’t you want to know if in fact it’s true that the chronic disease epidemic is only a vaccinated epidemic?

  4. I will lose my job on 01 May as just heard that all aged care workers have to be vaccinated with the flu shot. I read the flu insert and it has not been tested for carcinogens etc. I have never had a flu and am not interested in putting chemicals in my body for the ‘greater good’ of others. If they have the flu jab they should be covered, so why do I need it then?

  5. I agree Krissy. Sorry for your loss of work but at t least you can choose another job. I can’t choose for my mother to not be in an aged care facility at the age of 91 but apparently I won’t be allowed to visit her if I don’t get the flue vaccine either. How dare they prevent me from visiting my mother. And if they are vaccinated how can they catch it from me anyway. grrrrrr

    1. I am very sad for all of us. I would say it’s because it does not work, Have a look at this insert, if I am understanding correctly, seroconversion is where the body creates antibodies (which is what they want for a vaccine) and the rates are only just over 50%. Which means that it does not work for almost half the people putting these toxins in their body??

    2. And yes it is utterly devastating to not allow people to enter or work or visit an aged care facility without the flu shot. If the flu shot was 100% effective at stopping any flu then they might have a leg to stand on, but it is not! It only covers 3-4 strains of what they ‘think’ might be the ones that will be around that year. Evil will be avenged one day, if not in this life then in the next one.

    3. Hi Deborah could you get the facility to take your mum to the gates? Then you can take her out and visit. Or else get someone vaccinated to check her out the facility? I am refusing and the facility will need to fire me. I am worried about my future but can not go against my beliefs.

  6. Absolutely outrageous and a disgusting attempt at taking away freedom towards my own body. A few months ago there was massive protests over ‘rights to our own bodies’ (my body, my choice) but this goes completely against that.
    Aged care will loose great workers and they will be replaced by uneducated ones because of this and the ‘gov funded tafe aged care course)
    Last i heard we lived in a free country…guess not.

  7. There are over 270 new vaccines currently in the pipeline. Should this legislation pass, in the future, there is no upper limit for mandated vaccinations and no recourse for those who are harmed by these products. Healthcare professionals are not happy to give a blanket authority to the government which in turn will bear no responsibility for the harms caused by their policies.

    1. So I will lose my job by 01 May. I have outlined to the organisation my concerns regarding the health risks and lack of flu vaccine testing as per the flu vaccine package insert (not tested for pregnancy safety, lactation safety, genotoxicity, or carcinogenic effects) and the fact that there are flu vaccine caused illness, injury and death specified in the TGA adverse affects database. , and that this goes against my faith and belief. The company I work for has responded that they will terminate my employment if I do not have one, and that they take no responsibility and will not compensate for illness, injury or death from a forced flu shot. There are lots of cases that have WON in court from flu shot illness, injury and death here:

      1. Chrissy, like you my wife is also one of those that will lose their jobs because like you we believe in freedom to choose and God-given freedom and human rights and also because it goes against our faith and beliefs. However, those currently running the world, do not really care about anyone except their NWO and their agenda, which has been in the planning for many decades ( I recall hearing about all of these in the late 90s when I was still at University ;the change of constitutional laws, the NWO, the one world government, agenda21 and the one world currency, but did not know when it would eventuate. Now I do.).

        Obviously the world has now completely changed overnight and they are bringing about removal of all freedom under the pretense of COVID-19(84) very rapidly. Unfortunately many people are so scared out of their wits ( through monstruous lies ) that they are asking for the enforcement of a Police state and would rather lose their freedom for food and for the comfort they are used to, without knowingly understanding that this is not the end game and that things will get worse as time goes on and that they will eventually lose all their freedom and become nothing but mere servants to the 1%. I would rather lose my job than lose my freedom and will fight for it to the bitter end, but that is just me.

  8. Yes me too, I should not have to compromise my beliefs and risk my health and safety to keep my job. The ‘benefits’ do not outweigh the risks for us but we do not get that choice. My husband is a cook in aged care and i am a carer, we will both lose our jobs. The govt health websites say vaccines are tested and safe when the package insert for the flu jab clearly states it is not tested for pregancy safety, lactation safety, genotoxicity, and carcinogenic safety, it does not work for everyone, and there are no long term studies on health effects over time. Someone is lying here. The studies I could find in the flu jab insert are from trials by the company themselves (already suspicious seeing they make a lot of money from this) and seem to indicate at best that around 60% may get antibodies from the jab, the rest don’t. Basically we are the test study on safety over time. Just bad luck if you happen to be the healthy person that gets sick, injured or die from the flu jab. I wonder how many people read the insert before they get it? The biggest issue that I have seen in aged care is boredom, loneliness and depression, this law has just made that much worse. It is an abuse on the elderly. I absolutely love my job and the residents, I would love to stay.

    1. My wife also works in age care and has the same predicament as you do. She has also seen the increased abuse on the elderly as of late and always talks about it. The depression, the boredom, and the damage the flu vaccine has been doing to the elderly at the age care she works at, with a lot of them ending up in palliative care after the flu shots. I have been a little more fortunate so far but again, my company went from a Fortune 500 to a very small company within the past 2 years. When the company started to split and was being broken down into bits, I knew immediately that it was going to eventually disappear as the likes of many other Fortune 500. I do not give it past the end of the year or the beginning of next year as the company is not the “chosen” one to be part of the NWO, so I will more than likely lose my job. I believe that the vaccination will become mandatory for all and there is no way I will get vaccinated. I am not fearful and I intend to fight for my freedom to the end.

  9. I am a nurse in a nursing home and have been weekly reminded via SMS from my company that I will be removed from the roster on 1 May 2020 if I don’t get the flu shot. I will stand for my health and life and will not be the subject of medical experimentation. I would rather lose my job than allow any of these harmful DNA altering substances into my blood stream. Don’t let money dictate your life. They can keep their money if it comes with vaccines

    1. I am in the same boat and am not doing it either and not resigning.
      Please join this new FB site “solidinformation”, there are lots of things you can do and I just found out today that there is no legislation to force the flu jab, it is only a temporary legislation addition due to australia being in a state of emergency. So once this is over, technically you shoud not be forced to have the flu jab to keep your job.
      Some further resources
      FB: solidinformation (see the latest video here, specific to this situation. I have sent their letters to my MP and senators, it took me ages but worth it)

      1. But even it’s a temporary legislation, once you are terminated, you may not be able to get the job back and entitlements you have now …
        I wish I can have some time off from my work till the legislation is lifted. I’m a kitchen hand at an aged care in WA and 4 months short to get long service leave…
        Just waiting for a termination letter from my work.

        I will keep working on this issue and spread it to people around me till we get our rights back!

      2. I know about this campaign. But I am not a qualified to vote because I am a permanent residence. So I cannot do it… I would love to know what I can do to change this country better, more medical freedom.
        I definitely tell all my work mates this campaign!

  10. My wife is a nurse and I am a lab scientist. Is there a job site for employers willing to hire employees regardless of flu vaccination status?
    Perhaps someone could start one? We need to invent a parralel health system for vaccine conscientious objectors.

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