Language of Fear: Attack in Melbourne

The mainstream media are the true peddlers of fear. Photo: 9 News

On the 9th of the 11th, 2018, another ‘terrorism’ event has occurred on the streets of Melbourne, as reports describe Islamic Somali man Mohamed Khalif setting a car on fire and stabbing multiple people, before being shot dead by police.

In the immediate aftermath of the event, the social engineers and media manipulators have begun routine broadcasting of fearmongering material to keep the public in a perpetual state of fear, while continuing to offer no context, solutions or genuine discussion on the event.

We are now also starting to see this event being used to justify another overhaul of control orders – much like the ‘Vegas shooting’ which was used to justify a new national facial recognition system – and we will following this development closely.

In the following piece, General Maddox from Real News Australia examines various techniques of propaganda already being published by the mainstream media in Australia, as well as some initial questions surrounding the official narrative.

“Whether this was a genuine act of terrorism or simply a violent act carried out like the many police are confronted with on a daily basis is yet to be seen. However, the narrative from the mainstream media is clear: Terror & Fear.” – General Maddox.

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Real News Australia

The mainstream media are the true peddlers of fear.

By General Maddox.

In a climate of constant media propaganda and spin designed to keep us in a perpetual state of fear, we again see an incident on Australian soil quickly described as a “Terror Attack” by the mainstream media.

There are a few things that seem odd about this incident which I will go over later but that’s not exactly what I’m shining a spotlight on here. What I wanted to point out and keep the public aware of is the blatant use of public perception and mind manipulation tactics employed by the news media.

Some of the tactics include visual stimuli such as graphics and footage like bold and obvious titles like the image below. But it’s the auditory catch cry’s like the overusage of the word TERROR or variants of it.

If you watch the footage by clicking…

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