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We can all see that our beloved nation is in deep trouble and we cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that created that problem in the first place. We must identify the root cause of our problems and treat the disease, not just the individual symptoms. We must also be radically realistic in identifying, naming and solving our problems.

In the following opinion piece, Moses Apostaticus explains the need for a root and branch restoration of the nation of Australia.


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We can all see that our beloved nation is in deep trouble. Our political class have betrayed us to foreign powers.

Our ruling establishment has been brainwashed by cultural marxist dogmas which teach our children to hate themselves, their culture and their heritage. Our economy has been handed over to globalist financial interests, who have enslaved our nation through debt and reduced us to serfs in our own land.

Our families are broken, destroyed by the daycare mentality and the ravages of the welfare state. We are being replaced by foreigners who continue to exploit our naïve universalism. Our situation is desperate, and requires a radical change if we are to preserve the nation that was handed down to us by our forefathers.

In the following opinion piece, Moses Apostaticus explains the need for a root and branch restoration of the nation of Australia.


Australians, like all Westerners, have forgotten who we are.

We’ve been lied to about our history and our culture for so long that we’ve forgotten who we are as a people, and if a man or woman doesn’t belong to a nation, then they belong to nothing at all. Our very identity has been stolen from us by neo-marxist intellectuals who have filled our children’s heads with lies.

We cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that created that problem in the first place. We must identify the root cause of our problems and treat the disease, not just the individual symptoms. We must also be radically realistic in identifying, naming and solving our problems.

Conservatism has failed to turn back the leftist tide and now we have reached a point of crisis. The time for cowardly half-measures in the face of the cultural marxist onslaught is over. We must assert who we are, and claim the right of all the world’s peoples to assert a positive identity. We must become who we are.

Such an assertion of positive ethnic identity is not an act of hate. It is an act of love, and is something practiced as a matter of course by all non-white peoples in the world. We must do the same.


The way we can re-assert who we are and push back the marxist tide which has corrupted our society and weakened our nation is by returning to a traditional form of nationalism.

This pre-modern national identity understands that a nation is never its government or even its territory, but always its people.

Every people on the earth has an ethnic identity. This is the basis of national identity found across the world. It is the most powerful form of identity because it is the one most grounded in reality.

Traditional nationalism is a form of ethnic nationalism. Ethnic nationalists see ethnic identity as the basis for nationhood. A common ethnicity is what binds a people together to form a nation.

Race forms a crucial part of ethnicity, as do other elements. Ethnicity is comprised of both physical parts, i.e. biological race, and non-physical parts, such as language, culture, faith and shared history.

While white nationalists and civic nationalists both are partly correct in their understanding of national identity, both are fragments of the truth. Ethnicity brings these two understandings of national identity into a healthy union.

The ethnic identity of Australia is Anglo-Celtic. It was through a merging of the peoples of Britain and Ireland that the Australian ethnic group, the Australian race, was formed. This ethnic group has been under demographic warfare since the postwar period. This warfare against the people of Australia is now reaching a crisis point. Either we fight back now or there will be nothing left to fight for.

Traditional nationalism asserts the ethnic identity of the Australian people, and sees the root of our problems as modernity itself.

Common to all the many problems facing our people is the disease of modernity. Traditional nationalism seeks to escape from the degeneracy and destruction of modernity, and restore the nation to a stable footing so that our descendants may realise their destiny and reach the stars.


Traditional nationalism is a political philosophy which seeks to restore national identity to what it was before this disastrous modern period. Through the control of political ideologies, the financial oligarchy have been able to expand the power of the state against the interests of the people. Traditional nationalism seeks to reverse this trend.

The last two hundred years have been a disastrous series of global wars, genocides, massacres, totalitarianism and economic enslavement. Despite our material riches, we have been impoverished spiritually, culturally and morally. Modernity has created suffering unknown since the beginning of history around the world.

These horrors of modernity have been caused by the utopian ideologies which have spread from Europe around the world since the Enlightenment. European man may have abandoned God but he did not abandon the pursuit of heaven, and instead of a celestial one modern man has tried to create heaven on earth through the various ideologies of liberalism and socialism. The results have been disastrous.

We have unlocked the secrets of nature, but in the process we have lost that which made life worth living – family, community, meaning, aspiration and purpose. We are spiritual paupers in a golden cage.

Traditional nationalism seeks to restore that which was lost when our people began pursuing utopian idealism. For this reason, the philosophical basis of traditional nationalism is social, cultural, biological and political realism.

There are no fixed dogmas or unquestionable beliefs. We must be driven by only that which is true and real, in order to re-establish the nation of Australia on firm and stable footings and abandon the chaos, violence and soulless materialism of modernity.

Utopianism must be rejected in all its forms. There is no heaven on earth. We must redirect our thinking to instead investigating what works and what doesn’t, and through reason and evidence arrive at realistic approaches to organising the nation. Our thinking must begin with realism rather than idealism.

Traditional nationalism rejects all ideological conceptions of the nation.

The modern era has been defined by the various cults of liberalism and socialism: communism, fascism, national socialism and their national manifestations such as Maoism in China, Stalinism in Russia, juche in North Korea and neoliberalism and neoconservatism in the United States.

In Australia, the dialectic between liberalism and socialism has created the current system of neoliberal democratic socialism and which has destroyed the natural liberty, hard-earned wealth and demographic security of our people.

It has trended inevitably throughout the modern period toward more globalism, less natural liberty, greater taxation and more totalitarian control. It makes the government a Leviathan which devours the people.

This struggle, now with cultural marxist ideological cults at the forefront, is based on a false binary thinking, and makes both the state and the individual mind a prize to be exploited for the benefit of different factions:


We reject utopian ideals as the basis for the state. No man-made philosophical system can provide a solid and sustainable basis for the nation.

The nation is not its government, its ruling elite or its ideological ideals. It is the people of the nation, in particular the ethnic group who founded, formed, built and defended it.

Australia is not the elites of Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne and it is not some vaguely defined ‘shared values’ which describe pretty much every nation’s idea of itself. Australia is her people, the ones who have been born here and particularly the Anglo-Celtic stock who created her.

We are the inheritors of the British Empire. The races which founded and built Australia were from the British Isles and Ireland, and by World War II these races had intermarried to such an extent that Australia could be accurately described as an Anglo-Celtic nation. These are the people of Australia.

This is the premise upon which more stable nations such as Japan, South Korea, India and Israel are founded. To demand that Australia take the same stand for our ethnic identity is not hateful or racist. It is merely restoring the notion of the nation that was commonly accepted before univeralist thinking destroyed our sense of self in Western nations after World War II.

While traditional nationalists assert the Anglo-Celtic basis of our national identity, we do not hate foreigners.

There are welcome guests who have come here across the decades and made valuable contributions to Australian society. There are also, however, too many foreigners who have come here to take advantage of our naïve universalism and lack of ethnic confidence. Such people must be sent back to their homelands in time if we are to preserve our nation.

It is the primary goal of traditional nationalism to maintain the majority of ethnic Australians on the continent their forefathers colonised, civilised and defended. In time, the proportion of Australians to the rest of the population must be restored to the immediate postwar levels. Anything less jeopardises the stability and cohesion of the nation.

Foreigners who have been born here and taken on the language and the culture of Australia can be accepted as adopted sons and daughters. Those who have married Australians can be accepted as residents, as with a family.

Foreigners who retain their language, cultural practices and foreign religions however are not part of the nation, and their status should be determined by a referendum of ethnic Australians at some point in the future. These people cannot ever be Australians. Foreign ethnic enclaves are not to be tolerated.

There are no hyphenated Australians. You are either Australian or you are not. For this reason, dual citizenship must be outlawed, and no-one who is not born in Australia should have Australian citizenship.

Traditional nationalism has no dogma, no fixed interpretation of history to provide a way forward and no cult-like adherence to abstract principles. It is instead grounded in utter realism.

In this way, traditional nationalism provides a sound basis for historical and political development in the nation without trending toward the totalitarian censorship, political enforcement and identity politics which has created hundreds of millions of corpses throughout the modern period.

By abandoning millenarian and utopian thinking, traditional nationalism provides a pathway for the people of Australia to escape the horrors of modernity and return again to a sound nation with a sound economy based on sound money and sound approaches to social organisation.

Traditional nationalists strongly oppose foreign influence on our political, economic and cultural life. Australia is an independent nation, and while we have common roots with other former colonies of the British motherland, this is a voluntary relationship dependent upon the support of the Australian people.

Globalism has been used as a pretext by hostile foreign powers to influence our politics, capture our economy and redirect our culture to serve their ends. This must cease if Australia is to be a secure nation into the future.


We must reject any formulation of our identity which equates the Australian nation with the government that rules the country. A nation is always its people and never its government, and our government has betrayed the people of this nation by pursuing policies which seek our cultural destruction, economic enslavement and demographic replacement. We are occupied by a hostile government, and must treat it as such.

As a result, traditional nationalism is not a top-down political movement which seeks political power first to bring about a social change. This is a typically dangerous modern approach. Instead, traditional nationalism is a bottom-up movement which seeks to win over the men and women of Australia. Only then will political reform, cultural rejuvenation and demographic restoration follow.

Liberalism is degenerate and socialism is dysgenic. This dialectic of modernity has operated to corrupt the strong and multiply the weak, both inside the West and globally. It has brought us to this calamitous situation in which we face our own extinction. The situation is desperate. Three thousand years of Western civilisation is at stake.

Only by rejecting utopian thinking and restoring realism to the heart of Australian politics will we be able to begin addressing our problems. Our ancestors entrusted us with the best nation in the history of the world. Recent generations have failed them by not maintaining this rich heritage. By remembering who we are we will be able to restore Australia as a secure home for the next stage of Western civilisation.

We can make a start on this by destroying cultural marxism.

This article was originally published on by Moses Apostaticus, and re-published in full on with the author’s permission. Minor edits present.

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