Revealed: Adults now fall under ‘No Jab, No Pay’ law in Australia

The new ‘No Jab, No Pay’ laws (Social Services Legislation Amendment) have passed and will commence as of January 2016.

This law was originally promoted and put in place to cease financial benefits to parents of children up to and including age seven of whom weren’t complying with the immunization schedule set out by the Australian Government.

However, things have changed, as General Maddox explains.


Hidden amendments to new No Jab, No Pay’ legislation reveal bigger picture. Photo: AnonGalactic

In an unprecedented measure of legislative coercion, the Australian government has now introduced adult vaccination requirements in order to receive family tax benefits and payments.

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Video: Lissa Weckert from Our Will Be Done discusses reasons to oppose compulsory vaccination in Australia from the first installment of ‘Freedom of Choice’ rallies across Australia via the TOTT News YouTube Channel:

Video: Protesters rally against compulsory vaccination in Brisbane

Protesters rallied at Queens Park in Brisbane earlier this year to oppose proposals to revoke family tax benefits of conscientious objectors to vaccination, through means of legislative reform, and to promote the ideals of freedom of choice from state-enforced measures through lies, deception and propaganda.


Discussion – How to win the fight against mandatory vaccination:

New Australian law allows forced vaccinations, quarantine or jail to ‘prevent the spread of disease’:


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  1. I’m not sure if you have other information. I am in a situation that watching videos to get information is usually the *worst* way for you to present information to me, and since this particular post is basically entirely based on videos it is basically useless to me. Some videos *can* work, but I see no evidence that any of these are going to work for me (based entirely on the audio, there seems no way this information is presented visually).

    Hope that helps you serve people like myself.

      1. OK, I looked at how “shocking” this is. Thank you. You confirmed my suspicions as to how this is being reporting. And quite honestly both *your* reporting and the “original article” are rather shocking in the sensationalism that is being used here. For one “technical year” “benefits will be cut off” of an “adult” under Australian Law. Yet the “news” is “Adults Now Fall Under No Jab, No Pay” implying that *all* adults will be excluded from *all* pay. But hey… Why be honest when honesty doesn’t sell.

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