Discussion: How to win the fight against mandatory vaccination

img_0467Opposing mandatory vaccination through means of coercion. Photo: Supplied

In the following article, General Maddox from Real News Australia takes a look at the passing of California’s SB277 Bill, exercising your legal rights to stop it and what precedent this sets for Australia in the fight against compulsory vaccination.


Listen to Ethan, John, Lindsay and General Maddox discuss ways to oppose government vaccination statutes, including strawman techniques, letters, contracts and the nature of ‘government’ on September 13th, 2015.

Discussion begins at 1 hour and 27 minutes (1:27:00) amongst a range of topics discussed on this episode, including the Australian Tax Office to be given new powers; Big Tobacco uses Big Brother tactics; NewsCorp to increase book publishing and digital real estate, and much more:


Below you can find details for the next set of ‘No Jab, No Pay? No Way!’ rallies set for September 20th across Australia.

“We are a group of individuals and parents who believe in freedom of choice and the right of all parents to make their families medical choices free from coercion, manipulation, and blackmail! We have a nationwide peaceful protest marches being held across Australia on Sunday 20th September 2015.

Please join us and stand up for parental rights and human rights!”









Real News Australia

The laws written to ensure your kids are vaccinated are their own undoing.

By General Maddox.

The passage of SB277 has the pro and anti vaccination world in an uproar. The Bill was signed into law on June 30, 2015 and takes effect in January 2016. The passing of this Bill into law was seen a major loss in the fight for freedom of choice and the loss of rights as a parent by the anti-vaccination lobby as well as human rights groups.

The Bill was written to ensure that all children in the U.S. State of California receive vaccinations according to the vaccine schedule mandated by the state. The ideology behind it is that so called “herd immunity” will kick in and everyone will gain protection from whatever disease, virus or bacterium the inoculation is supposed to thwart.

That highly perpetuated myth has been pushed by mainstream…

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