November 30, 2022

10 thoughts on “How the government and media benefits from the Sydney Siege | Opinion

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    Having just become aware of the ‘Tott News’ blog per the last post, I discover this article providing detail coverage of the background aspects of the Lindt Cafe siege incident.
    The incident was always open to critical thinking and suspicion. For all the reasons presented in the article, it is appropriate for this to have greater exposure and critical consideration by the general public.
    It is a matter of “connecting the dots”, to begin to understand the bigger picture surrounding all individual events.
    This opinion piece makes good sense and provides a useful basis for Australian public awareness.

  2. I think some of the new surveillance and security measures being implemented are way overkill for Australia, prison camps yeah, but not in Aus.

    Obviously part of UN, NWO, Central banksters desperate control measures over humanity.
    As where all of the advisory groups, committees, and departments the Gov has defunded.

    They were not essential services, but taxpayer funded rorts. Good move I reckon.

    Watch out for due diligence tho.

    Besides they need to fund the new surveillance and security measures against us, which are another taxpayer funded rort.

    Anyhow I think we should all be asking, who is they and how to stop them.

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