How the government and media benefits from the Sydney Siege | Opinion


Tony Abbott and his wife Margie at the memorial service. Photo: Malaysian Insider

Australians awoke Tuesday morning to reports that a 16 hour siege in the heart of Sydney’s CBD by Man Haron Monis had finally come to an end, with police fatally engaging the suspect holding 17 hostages in Lindt Cafe.

The aftermath has left a country in shock, and left most scratching their heads startling narrative that has unfolded right before our eyes.

In the following opinion piece, Ethan Nash examines the mainstream media’s role in the event, and argues that the establishment only has one thing in mind when it comes to terrorism, and that is fear-mongering, sensationalism, bias reporting and emotional programming to serve an agenda.


Opinion have echoed in widespread fashion across internet platforms, televisions sets and political arenas following the recent events in Martin Place, Sydney.

Many in the alternative communities have said it is a false flag and others are divided amongst specific details of the official narrative. Indeed, there are many troubling questions in the aftermath of this event; many inconsistencies, theories and confusion as to what took place this morning in Sydney.

As details continue to arise, it isn’t safe – as an objective journalist – to assume either side of the story is correct at this point in time.

The only thing I can do is expose who benefits, whether staged or real, from the events that have occurred at Martin Place in Sydney.

The underlying issue here, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that the media and government establishment have stumbled upon a pot of gold – the catalyst they have needed to further push their Orwellian agenda domestically and internationally.


If the last 24 hours have proven anything, it’s exactly what our intelligence and government officials have warned the Australian public about for the better half of three months – the ‘lone wolf’ extremest is almost impossible to stop.

We’ve all been subjected to the ‘lone wolf’ theory for most of our lives, from Lee Harvey Oswald, to Martin Bryant, to Adam Lanza and many more. This type of individual represents everything the government cannot protect us from as a free and democratic society, and yet another one has struck. This time, in the heart of Sydney.

Here is just one article I have found this morning following the siege via The Guardian.

‘Sydney siege represents sum of all Australian fears over terror threat’

“To many Australians, regardless of the suspect’s motivations, the siege was the sum of all fears – an event that has moved from being considered fanciful in the post-9/11 days to almost inevitable just over a decade later. More Australians per capita than almost any other nationality have travelled to join Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra, a statistic that disturbs the government and preoccupies the intelligence community.

Australia’s Secret Intelligence Service has devoted a large swath of its resources to staying on top of the threat in the region, but there is a nagging fear that not enough can be done despite best intentions.”

As the first batch of anti-terrorism legislation was passing through the Senate and House of Representatives in early October, it did so off the fear and subsequent suspension of rational thinking following the Numan Haider incident in Melbourne.

As we have demonstrated in previous articles on the site, a timeline of fear, paranoia and media sensationalism from the Australian media was responsible for justifying some of the worst legislative pieces in Australian history slipping through the respective levels of government without a hint of opposition. In an almost empty Senate on each occasion, few have been present to see our civil liberties desecrated and our nation emphatically take a step to turning into a 1984-esque mirror of surveillance, suppression and control.

These legislative pieces include the ability for ASIO to monitor the entire Australian internet, be immune from civil or criminal liability, jail whistleblowers and journalist for up to 10 years, attack ‘preachers of hate’ for their beliefs and enforce 12 hours curfews/easier control orders, prevent travel to ‘conflict zones’, allow officers to search a premises and their neighbors premises; not alerting them for over 6 months and much much more.

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Yet again, it seems more and more evident that history is set to repeat itself in the wake of this siege in Sydney, and this is something the political powers and corporations behind them have been begging for since this ‘timeline of terror’ ensued. Australian Journalist, David Marr agrees:

“This will be used to justify so much: controversial security laws the Abbott government has already passed, the metadata retention law waiting in the wings and heaven knows what other laws may now be dreamed up in the aftermath of the shocking deaths in the Lindt cafe.”

Ironic, isn’t it? As the final nightmare wave of anti-terrorism legislative pieces continues to be debated in the Senate, the official narrative is now the ‘uncertain environment’ of fear to stop lone wolfs, with the intelligence community restricted in preventing events like this due to ‘lack of power’. Indeed, what better than to use this as a focal argument point to push through the mandatory storing of all individual metadata for 2 years?

Don’t believe me? Well, it has already started to become a reality – via ABC News.

‘Parliamentary committee considers third wave of new security laws as Sydney mourns siege deaths’

“The Chairman of Federal Parliament’s Joint Intelligence and Security Committee, Dan Tehan, has questioned whether the Government needs further powers in the wake of the Sydney siege.

The committee was currently investigating the Government’s third wave of new national security laws into retaining phone and computer data.

Mr Tehan said he expected the Government to separately consider whether its new suite of measures would be enough to prevent lone wolf attacks.”

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Of course, when a major event happens in Australia and around the world, Murdoch’s empire is first on the scene with all the latest comprehensive ‘news’ and ‘updates’ – and this event was no different. A typical display of dragged-out, baseless discussion dominated our television sets and print publications as the happenings inside the cafe were unfolding, with many journalists having to retract from absolutely absurd claims on a regular basis (e.g ISIS flag, multiple men, etc).

Now, for those who have followed TOTT News throughout the years – you are, no doubt – quite familiar with the pieces we have published exposing the mainstream media on a regular basis for fear-mongering, sensationalist coverage. As a trained journalist, I will admit that (originally) my mind was programmed with institutionalised perceptions of how inducing fear = ratings and advertisement sales.

Indeed, this is something the presstitute media has never shun away from – before my time, and no doubt into the future. However, with almost 30 hours of coverage on major media outlets during the course of this event, it seems like they have sunk to a low even I thought unimaginable.

Below is the front page from The Daily Telegraph, falsely (and appallingly) stating that an ‘IS/Death Cult CBD Attack’ has taken hostages in Martin Place – sending shock waves throughout the Australian community:

B43dUioCEAA2tfK.jpg largeThe Daily Telegraph’s front page headline. Photo: Tom Steinfort.

The blatant destruction of credible journalism, coupled with an astronomical increase in advertising revenue as a result, can an only be exemplified by the masters that are dictating the destruction itself. Yes, I am speaking of the editors – who, calculated in their methods – allow this almost-laughable excuse of pure satire be published for the world to see.

For those who are unaware, The Daily Telegraph is one of Uncle Rupert [Murdoch]’s flagship publications in Australia, and have been responsible for banning unvaccinated children from day care centers in New South Wales and many other unbiased, objective endevours of journalism practice (I could not type that with a straight face).

Perhaps a better representation of tasteless evil associated with generating revenue from the emotions of the public can be found in the response to the coverage by Rupert Murdoch himself. Now, some (I hope not) may be thinking that I have been a little too harsh on the $13.5 billion mogul previously – however, the truth is – I have shown great restraint in my observations of the man so far.

Now, knowing what we do of Rupert Murdoch and his affiliate publications, it comes as no surprise that the expatriate media mogul’s first tweet in the wake of the Martin Place siege was not an expression of condolence or empathy – instead it was a show of “congrats” for The Daily Telegraph, the “only” newspaper to catch “the bloody outcome at 2:00am.” See below:

rupy“Congrats.” Photo: Murdoch’s Twitter.

Not only, in every sense of the word, is this a heartless response to an event that reportedly has resulted in the deaths of two individuals – but it represents how at the highest levels (and filtered down throughout respective companies like The Daily Mail) there is a moral void of upholding journalism ethics, and a sick detachment of exploiting human tragedy to benefit corporate agendas.

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As the media plastered our television sets with ‘discussion’ and ‘analysis’ from the situation in Sydney, it was also revealed this day that the budget deficit for this financial year will be $40.4 billion, more than $10 billion larger than forecast in May – in a blowout that is set to continue for at least four years.

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) has revealed that approximately 16,500 people will lose their jobs due to the government’s unprecedented cuts (in their vain attempt to deliver a surplus that they never will), and for the raft of essential services that will be scrapped.

The cuts announced by Hockey and Cormann have received minimal coverage in the mainstream media. I have found the list on a Facebook page called Where’s My Ostrich, and whilst they may or may not be the original compilers, I feel obliged to credit them for this extensive (and it seems secretive) list:

  • Cuts the Australian Government Solicitor
  • Cuts the Telework Advisory Panel
  • Cuts the Protection Zone Committees
  • Cuts the Forces Entertainment Board
  • Cuts the Antarctic Research Assessment Committee
  • Cuts the Australian Antarctic Names and Medals Committee
  • Cuts the Biological Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Cuts the Climate Adaptation Outlook Independent Expert Group
  • Cuts the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Advisory Board
  • Cuts the Health and Hospitals Fund Advisory Board
  • Cuts the National Advisory for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment
  • Cuts the Inspector of Transport Security
  • Cuts the Reconstruction Inspectorate
  • Cuts the Development Allowance Authority
  • Abolishes the Artbank Advisory Committee
  • Abolishes the Australian and New Zealand Standard Diagnostic Procedures Working Group
  • Abolishes the Benchmarks Working Group which monitors acute hospital performance
  • Abolishes the Department of Agriculture – Live Animal Export Division – Industry
  • Government Implementation Group
  • Abolishes the Forestry and Forest Products Committee
  • Abolishes the National Surveillance and Diagnostics Working Group
  • Abolishes the Laboratories for Emergency Animal Disease Diagnosis and Response Working Group
  • Abolishes the National Strategies Working Group
  • Abolishes the New Test Evaluation Working Group
  • Abolishes the Rabies Preparedness Working Group
  • Abolishes the Subcommittee on Animal Health Laboratory Standards
  • Abolishes the Australian Defence Force Financial Services Consumer Council
  • Abolishes the Department of Defence Diversity Advisory Group
  • Abolishes the Committee which was overseeing reform to the repair and maintenance of the Navy’s ships
  • Abolishes the Department of Defence CEO’s round table
  • Abolishes the Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood Joint Working Group to Provide Advice on Students with Disability
  • Abolishes the Fair Work Building and Construction Independent Assessor
  • Abolishes the National Precincts Board
  • Abolishes the Pharmaceutical Industry Working Group
  • Abolishes the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics Advisory Board
  • Abolishes the Inter-Jurisdictional Working Group
  • Abolishes the Local Government Ministers’ Forum
  • Abolishes the National Disaster Recovery Taskforce
  • Abolishes the Urban Policy Forum
  • Abolishes the Australian Council of Local Government
  • Abolishes the Official Establishments Trust
  • Abolishes the ANZAC Centenary Public Fund Board
  • Abolishes the Australian National Memorial New Zealand Advisory Panel
  • Abolishes the Community Nursing Clinical Advisory Committee
  • Abolishes the eHealth Technical Advisory Group
  • Abolishes the Gulf War Study Advisory Committee
  • Abolishes the Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services Practitioner Reference Group
  • Abolishes the Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services Veterans Reference Group
  • Abolishes the Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services Writing Group
  • Abolishes the Peacekeepers Study Advisory Committee
  • Abolishes the research working group
  • Dismantles the Vietnam Veterans Education Centre
  • Abolishes the Strategic Cross-sectoral Data Committee for Early Childhood, Education and Training
  • Dismantles the Australian Qualifications Framework Council
  • Wipes out the Education Investment Fund Advisory Board
  • Cancels the COAG Select Council on Workplace Relations
  • Abolishes the Antarctic Science Advisory Committee
  • Abolishes the Bureau of Meteorology Water Accounting Standards Board
  • Abolishes the COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water
  • Disbands the Commonwealth Environmental Water Stakeholder Reference Panel
  • Abolishes the Emissions Intensive – Trade Exposed Expert Advisory Committee
  • Abolishes the Fuel Standards Consultative Committee
  • Disbands the Iconic Sites Taskforce
  • Gets rid of the Indigenous Water Advisory Committee
  • Abolishes the National Landscapes Reference Committee
  • Disbands the National Marine Mammal Advisory Committee
  • Abolishes the National Marine Mammal Scientific Committee
  • Disbands the Australia Awards Board
  • Abolishes the Tourism Quality Council of Australia
  • Disbands the Anti-Doping Research Panel
  • Disbands the Department of Human Services Council on Strategy and Innovation
  • Abolishes the Gas Market – Industry Reference Group
  • Abolishes the Technical Advisory Committee for the Coal Mining Abatement Technology Support Package
  • Annuls the Infrastructure Coordinator
  • Silences the Northern Australia Indigenous Experts Forum on sustainable Economic Development
  • Terminates the Expert Advisory Panel on Northern Australia
  • Abolishes the Marine Council
  • Dismantles the Northern Australia Ministerial Forum
  • Annuls the Regional Australia Standing Council
  • Cancels the Australia in the Asian Century Advisory Board
  • Abolishes the First Peoples Education Advisory Group
  • Cancels the Indigenous Development effectiveness Initiative Steering Committee
  • Abolishes the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd
  • Cancels the Aged Care Planning Advisory Committee
  • Annuls the Aged Care Reform Implementation Council
  • Cancels the Healthy Life Better Ageing Committee
  • Silences the Minister’s Dementia Advisory Group
  • Abolishes the National Children and Family Roundtable
  • Silences the National Injury Insurance Scheme Advisory Group
  • Abolishes the Australian Financial Centre Taskforce
  • Abolishes the Current and Former Members of the ADF Emerging Issues Forum
  • Cancels the National Health, Aged and Community Care Forum
  • Abolishes the Operational Working Party which advises government on the needs of the ex-service community
  • Cuts funding for the National Trade Cadetships programme
  • Ceases payments to apprentices under Support for Adult Australian Apprenticeships program
  • Abolishes the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency


In the end, fear and anger are the ultimate reductivists. When we feel afraid of becoming victims of evil, it becomes difficult to look beyond what it is that threatens us. It is human nature to want to protect the loved ones around us, and when danger arises, people want to know about. The media and government talking heads have capitalised on this, using auditory queues, linguistic patterns, and segment cliffhangers in their programming – in order to entice people to stay attentive and afraid.

Australia is now at a cross-roads: We are staring down the cold eyes of tyranny and enslavement. Our rights and freedoms are systematically being taken away with each passing day, and soon, the free country that we once knew and loved will be replaced by a creeping state of Orwellian qualities. We are in control of our destiny; we have the power to stop this. One can make the conscious decision to stand up and fight for what little freedom we have left, or sit back and wait for the inevitable.

Stand up, Australia – before it’s too late.

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  2. I think some of the new surveillance and security measures being implemented are way overkill for Australia, prison camps yeah, but not in Aus.

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